Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quickie note:

So; my phone sorta had a crash.  Verizon sent me a new one gratis since it wasn't my fault.  I did back up all my photos, etc. and they are all there which is way awesome. It's gotten me behind in posting though.   All this by way of saying that between caring for my four cats; getting Ms. "if you stick that thing near my mouth again be prepared to lose several fingers" to take her meds twice daily; caring for the three kittens(all of whom are doing fine & purring right along) ; and then running over every couple days to care for the kittens at Petco, in Orange on Katella *hint, hint* .  Well, you get the idea.
This little mama was recently adopted!  Isn't she gorgeous! Makes the effort totally worth while!

I got a last minute, hurry hurry, very special CatNip quilt order (that I won't spoil the surprise of yet) done this last weekend as well as picking up three more commissions for BIG quilts.  Two are the T-shirt kind of memory quilt and one will be a table runner quilt made from the woman's deceased father's liturgical shawl's (that are all silk).

I would like to say that if you have a special occasion with your kitties; or would like Christmas themed CatNip quilts you should get your order requests in to me.  I've done quilts for kitteh's birthdays, gotcha' days and even anniversaries.  So do know those types are available (if a little bit more expensive owing to the specialty fabrics and other elements that can be added such as photos and such).

This next couple weeks will be spotty as I'm getting ready for a lecture/workshop coming up as well as covering extra hours at my day job so my boss can enjoy her daughters destination wedding.

But fear not; my new phone works fine so sometimes there may just be cutie pie photos showing up.

Thanks and stay cool all those kitteh's like us who are nearing triple digit heat again.  Urg.  This is what I threaten Ms. Ironjaw with when she gets particularly hissy.  She opens her mouth just enough to say 'As If ' thought it comes out more of snigger---brat!

I know, doesn't it just tell a thousand words! (internet photo)

Luckily, I have been able to melt the pill in a tiny amount of water and then mix it with a teaspoon of her food; once she eats all that, I give her the rest of her meal.  

Only way I can keep track to make sure she's getting her meds & not some other kitty. 

The kittens eat in a separate room all together. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winston 'n me

him was sooo tiny

 And he is definitely a people cat.  It was heartbreaking this weekend while his sisters were at adoption events and he was alone.  I put him in the bathroom for a short time so the big cats could have run of the living room.  He cried the.entire.time.  I felt so bad I let him into my sewing room to hang with me.  Where he promptly did this.  (well, he did that after he loved me up and would throw himself across my hands that were trying to rotary cut strips of material.   

Later, when the girls were back, I lay down on my stomach & snoozed in the sun while playing with them; and next thing...

 He loves to sleep on feet too.  Ellen came over for a bit yesterday and he spent his time between lying next to her on the couch and coming to sit on my feet.  It's like he has to 'check in' with the humans between playing with his sibs. 
Ok so he's still a kitten.
But the good news is he's being adopted soon.  His new home will be in Oakland, CA where he will grow into a proper fiend! 
He will have his very own 10 year old boy who is 
very anxious to meet his new buddy. 

Winston, you are so very special and I don't mind telling you how hard it will be to let you go.  Good thing I know where you're going and hopefully will get updates. 

Cosmo & Sweet Baby G are still available and will be going out this weekend for more adoption events.  
This part is truly hellish. 

I Thank all my friends for their support both here and on FB. 

Ms. Stella is rather looking to get her house back in order pretty soon.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Misty finds her forever home!

from ewok food face 

to Siamese Elegance

I will miss you very much little one.  Bast be with you. 

Misty was adopted today! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lab Results

Dr. Horn called us at 7pm to give us the news of Ms Stella's bloods.

Her Thyroid is a 7 and according to Dr. it should be a 2 (for her age)  His course of action is to prescribe Methimazole. Ms. Stella will get to pills a day to start.  After three weeks we will check her numbers again. 

He also mentioned a radioactive iodine.  They get one shot and then must stay at the special place till their urine is no longer radioactive. Apparently the animal only needs on shot, ever.  Naturally, this is the highest price treatment so we won't be entertaining that unless all else fails. 

Dr. Horn really does care about Ms. Stella and he is not keen on giving her more things than she may need. 

Once her blood numbers come in normal we will figure out what to do to get to see her teeth.  She will have to be sedated and Dr. is not crazy about having to do that until she's more stable. 

She's eating and drinking so we don't have to worry about appetite stimulants.

The toeless one

This won't end well

for one of us, Human! 

**Note from Ms. Stella O'Houligan **
Who grabs a perfectly healthy, snoozin wee old kitty from her spot on the carpet 
where she was snoozin
and she's OLD
and did I mention the snoozin part? 
And unceremoniously crams her in a carrier without so much as a by-your-leave Captain? 
And next thing you know... We're in 
The Car!!!
"Oh Stella stop being so dramatic!  You beat up everyone so I think playing the age card is a bit much even for you."

(I can't see my house from here)

Where's my Doctor?  I'm totally reporting you to the animal welfare people!

"Oh Ms. Stella, Dr. Horn will be in, in a minute, just keep your furrs on!"

**Note from That Woman**

Ms. Stella was treated to an office visit for her general physical, blood work & nail trim. (I usually do the nail trimming myself but Dr. Horn suggested it since they would be attempting to look inside her mouth and she's not very fond of that... 

______IS IT MY TURN YET?_____
no Ms. Stella, give me a second!

...After I tried to restrain her for the dental look which didn't work; Dr. called in reinforcements.  They had no better luck (for which I was oddly proud and validated that my own restraining technique wasn't lame). 

Doctor says he will call with lab results and based on those will see what needs to happen with her teeth.  I suggested rubbing some of that stuff they gave Ollie in her ear to calm her down but he felt it was unnecessary and didn't want to *stress her more than needed just yet... 

Ms. Stella, for pity's sake, wait your turn!

...I can tell he really loves Ms. Stella as no matter how long it's been he knows that trying to listen to her heart is useless over her purring so he just smiles at her doesn't even try, he just gives her a gentle hug and takes her pulse that way.  

She had only lost a few ounces of weight since her visit a year ago so that's not worrisome ..

Ms Stella Please! I'm nearly done!

...She was really fine on the way to the Doctor's in car as I kept my hand inside the carrier and just kept petting her and chatting to her, we were nearly home...


So kitties; what happened next was EPIC!  I got all Exorcist on her (leg; car seat, carrier) 
and she was all 'oh Ms. Stella this, and Oh Ms. Stella that, and I was all 

Note from Ms. Stella to 'That Insufferable Woman' 

I hope you are happy with yourself! 
Not only were you late back for work; you had to change clothes as well,
and clean up cat barfs from the Container of Death; the car seat, the kitchen counter, the kitchen floor AND two different rooms of carpet.



We'll keep ya posted kitties on lab tests
right now I need a lie down

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday Easy

Kittens went off to adoption and we ALL took advantage of the peace and quiet! 
No one got adopted and the all came home at 5.
Yes; this is verra hard for the mom 
By The Way!
That Woman was interviewed by Connie over at Tails of Foster Kitties.
Ms. Stella O'Houligan
Who really feels it should have been herself who was interviewed!   

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


All Kittens R Fixed!

and some are not very happy with me!
here Sweet Baby G is still 'under the influence'
Miss Cosmo is quite happy to be home
Little Misty Girl was ready for some noms!
after some fudz it was more nap time
meezer toofs 
still not quite sure 
Little Miss say's 'you'd rather look at me anyhow' 

Look how tiny the incision is! 
 it's that tiny tourquise dot
Mr. Grumpy pants wouldn't let me get a shot of his little tiny...well, boy bits.  they are all shaved and look sooo cuuuuute!   I will get one for ya tho.  I simply must share the cute.  stay tuned!