Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quickie note:

So; my phone sorta had a crash.  Verizon sent me a new one gratis since it wasn't my fault.  I did back up all my photos, etc. and they are all there which is way awesome. It's gotten me behind in posting though.   All this by way of saying that between caring for my four cats; getting Ms. "if you stick that thing near my mouth again be prepared to lose several fingers" to take her meds twice daily; caring for the three kittens(all of whom are doing fine & purring right along) ; and then running over every couple days to care for the kittens at Petco, in Orange on Katella *hint, hint* .  Well, you get the idea.
This little mama was recently adopted!  Isn't she gorgeous! Makes the effort totally worth while!

I got a last minute, hurry hurry, very special CatNip quilt order (that I won't spoil the surprise of yet) done this last weekend as well as picking up three more commissions for BIG quilts.  Two are the T-shirt kind of memory quilt and one will be a table runner quilt made from the woman's deceased father's liturgical shawl's (that are all silk).

I would like to say that if you have a special occasion with your kitties; or would like Christmas themed CatNip quilts you should get your order requests in to me.  I've done quilts for kitteh's birthdays, gotcha' days and even anniversaries.  So do know those types are available (if a little bit more expensive owing to the specialty fabrics and other elements that can be added such as photos and such).

This next couple weeks will be spotty as I'm getting ready for a lecture/workshop coming up as well as covering extra hours at my day job so my boss can enjoy her daughters destination wedding.

But fear not; my new phone works fine so sometimes there may just be cutie pie photos showing up.

Thanks and stay cool all those kitteh's like us who are nearing triple digit heat again.  Urg.  This is what I threaten Ms. Ironjaw with when she gets particularly hissy.  She opens her mouth just enough to say 'As If ' thought it comes out more of snigger---brat!

I know, doesn't it just tell a thousand words! (internet photo)

Luckily, I have been able to melt the pill in a tiny amount of water and then mix it with a teaspoon of her food; once she eats all that, I give her the rest of her meal.  

Only way I can keep track to make sure she's getting her meds & not some other kitty. 

The kittens eat in a separate room all together. 


  1. It sounds like getting Stella to eat her meds is complicated business! If I don't like it, it just gets shoved down my throat - yes, I let my human get away with that. I hope you know how to juggle, 'cause it sounds like you're gonna be doing some of that over the next couple of weeks!

  2. Wow, getting meds into Stella sounds about as easy as getting meds into Ashton. Sounds like a super-busy time for you, though with many good things going on!

  3. That one pic of you and the gray kitten is just.... the sweetest thing. Look at those eyes!

  4. fotoz iz grate guys N with all thiz a way frum home time yur mom iz plannin on, we say bring on de grill, charcoals, fish N partee mix !!! ♥♥♥♥♥ see ewe short lee ☺

  5. Have you tried pill pockets? They were a life saver for Fin!

  6. Wow, you sure are busy! When do you have time for a day job?? ;) We hope Ms. Stella doesn't bite your fingers.

  7. nice that you are so busy with work.. :)

  8. Oh my, what a crazy and busy time you are having, and Ms.Stella challenging you with med administration. We did notice someone else mentioned pill pockets. They worked great for Lisbeth. Good luck with all your projects, jobs and kitties. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. Winston is still not adopted? I have been in love with him since I first saw him. I am "this" close to begging my husband to let me bring in a third cat. I get a pang thinking of you having to give up these adorable kittens, and yet, that's what we're hoping for! And if anyone knew what socialized cats they'd be getting from you, they'd be lining up at the door for them!

  10. So busy and so helpful! Thank you for taking care of everyone. Yippee for the Ginger Princess adoption! Purrs...


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