Tuesday, July 08, 2014

All Kittens R Fixed!

and some are not very happy with me!
here Sweet Baby G is still 'under the influence'
Miss Cosmo is quite happy to be home
Little Misty Girl was ready for some noms!
after some fudz it was more nap time
meezer toofs 
still not quite sure 
Little Miss say's 'you'd rather look at me anyhow' 

Look how tiny the incision is! 
 it's that tiny tourquise dot
Mr. Grumpy pants wouldn't let me get a shot of his little tiny...well, boy bits.  they are all shaved and look sooo cuuuuute!   I will get one for ya tho.  I simply must share the cute.  stay tuned!


  1. Another step towards adoption - yay!

  2. I am sure glad all is well with the cutie pile!

  3. wee kittehz...we noe all two well...how ya feel...ya leeve de houz one day weighin like ...oh...2.7 pounds N come home weighin like... 2 poundz.......what de salmon huh !! ♥

  4. It's amazing that it's such a tiny incision. Here's to quick healing!!!

    PS - Thanks for my postcard Ms Stella it made our day!!

  5. Dat kitten belly are just da cutest!

  6. Hard to believe that those tiny things are now big enough to be speutered! We're so happy they are safely through that part of the process and on their way toward bright futures.

  7. We remember when they were tiny little things getting food all over them when they ate. They'll get over the fixing. ;)

  8. Our Mommy was with you until "meezer toof". She totally lost it after that!

  9. Yippee...surgery complete. These babies are growing up so fast. How much longer will they be with you? We love watching them grow up. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Yay, lots of fixed kitties. That is terrific. Now they will have a much happier life. Take care.

  11. Oh they dearest little mites and morsels.

  12. OMC! Miss Cosmo! Winning our hearts over here!


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