Thursday, February 27, 2014

A good day

Ollie had a good day today and he was really being affectionate this afternoon.  I think he does alright when he's not being hissed at or growled at from Scraps & Jack. 

I may have forgotten to mention that I did capture the Black & White boy cat (I call him 'You') and he was neutered during a Fix Nation February Love sale.  I have since found out where he lives now too. (NO, not here).  I noticed one of our Spanish neighbor mom's walking by and looking around (the way we do when we are looking for someone gone astray) I was able to speak with her daughter (who went to school with mine) in English and reassure them he was fine and would be home soon but without his 'frijoles'.  When they came into my house, the mom took one look at Miss Jack curled up on the couch and shouted 'Sylvestre!'  Poor Jack nearly had a stroke!  I laughed & said 'no no! that's MY cat Miss Jack.'There was no way I was going to explain the gender issue let alone that Miss Jack is a tubbie tuxie  and outweighs 'You' by at least 7 pounds!     The woman didn't even recognize it wasn't her own cat! So anyway; 'You' went back home that evening after his ordeal and he's been back here day & night since then.  I was miffed this morning as it was raining and he was out my back window yowling (now that he's figured out which window Ollie is in) covered in dew.  Makes me sad, but he's fixed and that's enough for now. 

In other news, Ms Scrappie has had to go on a sleepover at The Gurls.  With Ollie confined to my bedroom at night & during the day that has reduced the precious real estate for Jack, Stella & Scraps.  While I think there's plenty of room (and there really is), Ms Stella has increased her 'hunting' of poor Scraps and in the eve when it's bedtime in particular.  Last night there were two screaming matches. So presto, pronto Miss Scrapps will be at The Gurls (& her Dad's ) apt for the time being. 

Scraps will most likely be beside herself with joy (after the inital trauma of car and new space) as she had really bonded with the Dad.  When he left she her behaviour issues really started.  I never could convince him that she truly needed to be with him and I think he really missed her too but his own reasons he chose to leave her behind. I'm hopeful he will spend time with her there to ease her 'sleep over' vacation from us. 

I mailed out Mama Zuzu's CatNip Quilt finally (finished it last night- first time in weeks I was in sewing) and we hope she will love it over at Colehaus Cats.  We made it as a gift to welcome her 'home' after they announced her adoption.  She went thru so much with those niblets Ms. Stella said we had to do something for them. 

I am in process of designing a couple more 'clockwork' steampunk cats that I will auction off for Ollie as well as some regular home dec quilts.  

One paw in front of the other three,
That Woman 
Ms. Stella 
Miss Jack 
and in postcard form; Miss Scraps. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ms Stella prepares a love note

RE: Ollie Update
No new video of Sir Ollie yet
Sadly he's had a couple setbacks in his recovery and been back to the Dr.  
Nothing new to report, he's just having a difficult time adapting to not having vision.

One time I was playing with him with his favorite wand toy and while I was holding it the very end simply rolled and tapped his nose; he fled UTB and stayed there the afternoon. 

He wants out with the other cats (esp. Stella who to her credit, treats him to nose taps and a tail caress) but not long after he's mingled he starts crying and seems to get lost and disoriented. 

 Yesterday when I reached out to him, touching his tail as he passed my chair; he turned & hissed at me.  I now realize I frightened him; I didn't 'warn' him that I was going to touch him and therefore he was unprepared.

 Having my boy hiss at me was not something I was prepared to endure either.  It was very nearly like the time when 11 yr old Ellen told me thru her tears that I was 'evil' and after I got to work I made it to the bathroom and cried.  

He definitely has to stay in his 'safe room' and he does behave much better when he's there.  This morning he was making muffins on his 
woobie so long he had snot dripping out of his nose and his bad eye was watering too.  

I am still planning on doing an auction but this adjustment period has been difficult and I want to spend as much time with him as I can so I've been remiss in a lot of home stuff after I get home from work.  Tonight I went into my studio for the first time since his accident just to get some small things done; that's where this video of Ms. Stella came from.  Hopefully this weekend I can have some more time to regroup and find my feet. It felt good to concentrate on some art for a while. 

Thanks everyone so much for all your purrs, support & hugs.
I can't tell you how much they are so very appreciated! 

Miss Scraps grabs some face time

I love this shot

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ms. Stella in Repose


I was on the floor with Madame O'Houligan taking a much needed nap.
It was lovely

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick vid update Ollie

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ollie update day 5

A quiet day. 

Ollie came out this evening when it was quiet and snuck up on his old spot on the couch. 
He can look out the back slider from there. 

 I came home at lunch to check on him and he was curled up in his spot on the bed (he's not allowed out of the bedroom when I'm not home). I picked him up and put him in the same sun spot as yesterday's video. He wasn't so much in a playful mood but was very rubby and really wanted his nose & face scratched.   

So day by day this will be our routine. 
 He can come out in the evening for a bit then back to his bedroom.  The Vet said he can't do any running or jumping around for near six weeks.  Thus far that's not an issue but I am hopeful that if he regains his vision that will change. 

I will probably only do weekly updates now since he seems stable.  Unfortunately life doesn't just stop the way we'd like it to at times like this.  
When he was so lovey this afternoon in the sun puddle just rubbing and resting his giant head in my hand I never wanted to have to leave again.  I could have happily curled around him and stayed that way till the sun went down.  I call him my son but I really mean my sun all bright orange and buttery yellow brightness.  Ms. Stella Luna of course is my moon and Miss Jack & Scraps; my stars.  

I can't thank you enough for all the tremendous support and love and kindness you have all shown.  It's truly overwhelming the 'power of the paw'.  

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ollie Video Update Day 3

Just so to clarify; the pill I find in this video is his clavamox not the anti inflammatory one :)  he's a stinker! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Proudly wearing our Valentines Skeezer button today!
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
Special shout from Ms. Stella to you know who!
Who sent along a Love Note along with a Winnie's Wish
CatNip gift set that she ADORES! 
Here is HRH herself
with Love & Biteys
*OMC TW is lame; I TOLD her to make a proper card! Afterall the sitting just right I had to do for this shot!   

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ollie Home Day 1 video update

I start talking in the vid. At .40 But its softly so you may have to turn your volume up to hear my sleep deprived rambling update. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ollie is resting comfortably

Ollie is home and in my lap.  His face is very swollen still and he has rather violent sneezes.  He has partial vision in one eye.  Vets said the swelling should be subsiding over the next 4 to 6 weeks.  Once it's gone we can see how much brain damage there is.  Right now he's a bit wonky on one side when he walks.  But he's walkin
and earlier talked to me a bit

The one thing he's NOT doing is eating.  We have 24 hours to get him to eat something.  I have thus far tried everything I currently have including treats, food, and kibble.  
I need to go shopping tomorrow to get other things like cans of real tuna; baby food; even el junkfood friskies or whatever as long as he gets something.
One step at a time I guess.  

For now he is resting in peace and quiet.  I can only hope that his head is being quiet and he's not suffering too much.  
Time for his pain meds.
More later.


Quick Update On Ollie

We are going tonight to bring him home.  After checking with my regular vet whom I trust implicitly; the extra blood tests and overnight stay *Dr. #3 advised we are deciding against that. 

If I get the chance tonight I will share photos of him at home.  He will be relegated to  my bedroom where he will stay by himself until he gets more familiar with his surroundings.  3 our of 4 vets told us he has some vision so I am hopeful that with the further medications, and if he is pain free the swelling will continue to decrease and his sight may return.  Even if it doesn't I don't care; my son will be home and comfortable & under my constant supervision. 

I cannot express how utterly astonished and grateful I am for all your well wishes, heartfelt purrs and friendships. 

I will have an art auction soon to raise funds for the nearly $2k in charges he has incurred thus far.  In the meantime; for those who expressed the desire to donate I will post my email (  for my paypal.  This does NOT mean you are obligated please believe me!  I am truly in all your debts for all the caring the CB has given.  I could not have asked for better furriends.

Love you all!


Monday, February 10, 2014

My Son could use your purrs

Update on my Ollie

I posted on FB last night the following 

**Just returned from the cat ER.  Came home to find Ollie with severe head trauma.  He is in the oxygen tank and on diuretics to reduce the brain swelling.  We are hoping his eyesight will return.  I am a wreck.  No clue what happened or when.  We got to visit hi briefly and he was alert but skittish from all the excitement.  Will blog more and post after I check on him in the morning. **

sorry for the cut n paste but truly I'm wasted and wracked with grief (and guilt) 
I just called the ER (it's 11:pm PST) to check on him and was told he was off oxygen; he had eaten some and was doing well. 

so now let me explain what we think may have happened: As most of you know we have a visitor.  I've been feeding him and have plans to get him neutered just as soon as my buddie Vickie can take him (next Friday it turns out) to the clinic where she works doing feral spay/neuters once a month.

Ollie hasn't been too happy since the visitor has made his way into the house a couple times (by opening the locked screen door- he knocks it off the hinges) and I took Ollie's silence that maybe they could get along once the visitor got fixed. 

Fast forward to tonight when I returned home from work.  I feed everyone first thing; Ollie knows I'm home & comes to the kitchen door (that leads to the garage where I park my bike) and greets me.  Not today.  

So I put my stuff down & wandered into the living room where there was a scene!  Bird feathers everywhere; (Ms. Stella's handy work) the screen door was knocked off the hinge and the slider was open just enough. My Ollie was curled up on his hammock that is in front of the sliding door.  He was snoozing I thought.  I went around to give him pets & when he looked up at me I nearly died.   His face had a huge scab on his nose, there was severe swelling & one of his pupils was fully dilated & the other was partially covered by the nictating membrane.   There were minute traces of blood coming out of his nose.  I scooped him up and he was just limp.  I grabbed my  magnifying glasses and headed into the bathroom for a closer look, praying that the pupil dilation was not really what I was seeing.  

He was truly in pain; he simply felt his way into my lap and sat there.  It was then I realized he couldn't see and I flew into action.  

I ran to my neighbors and begged for a ride to our vet. (who agreed to see us if we could get there before six) We arrived & Ollie was whisked to the back for inspection.
Our vet said we needed to get him to the emergency clinic asap so they could administer IV with a diuretic to bring the swelling down.  There were no signs of car accident as he was completely fine everywhere else. 

I called Ellen's dad & he flew over to take us to the ER. 

They immediately took Ollie in the back and started him on the fluids.  They did a couple xrays and found no internal damage 

*though they did find an old wound of a BB still in his back!*  
I know, I know, and right now you could come and run over me with all your cars and I wouldn't feel any worse; truly.  I had no idea that 1.) we had horrible people in our immediate neighborhood and 2.) that he had ever been injured!  

The Vet came in and said she felt he should be ready to come home as early as tomorrow evening.  She said that he has no vision in one eye and most likely only sees shadows in his other eye.  It appears that he ran headlong into either the slider door,  a wall or something (she even suggested that someone could have hit him.  Not with a car but just... )I simply cannot recognize those words even as I write them. 

 Most likely; Ms. Stella wiggled her way out of the screen and caught a bird (as she is wont to do) maybe when she brought it back in it got away from her and I can see him flying through the house in an attempt to catch it.  I have seen him fly right off the top of the 6ft cat tree and miss the mantle by that much and go flying out of control.  I have also heard him hit the sliding glass door when the visitor is on the other side of it.  He doesn't scream; or howl, he just huffs and then slams into the glass.  

I have not seen the visitor since i've been home tonight.  Miss El took the bus and met us at the ER even as she was sick with a cold poor thing; and her dad and she brought me home; we chatted & looked all over the house & yard for clues.  Pat fixed the door for me so the screen and slider are actually locked now. 

Everyone else is fine.  The vet said that given time Ollie may regain some or all of his vision.  I'm still astonished by this.  His poor nose is so swollen but he's breathing fine.  They can't tell anything else about his head without and MRI which the vet said  really wouldn't be necessary given they can pretty much see what they need to see with all the other tests they've done.  

I will update you further in the morning when I call to check on him again.  They assured me I can call anytime during the night.  

They let us see him while he was in the oxygen chamber.  I was able to snuggle him a bit and his ears were like a bats; pivoting like mad at all the sounds.  He was so frightened then; I couldn't bear to leave him. Of course after everyone left I collapsed in tears and I thank Teri for messaging me at length even as I know she is three hours ahead of us.  

I thank everyone who has posted their love, hugs, purrs and well wishes on FB.  It really helped me make it through the night and not feel so totally alone.  


Enjoying the sun this weekend.  There are four cats here
Ollie is on the top level balcony
Ms. Stella is in her aptartment on level two
Miss Jack is on the bottom floor balcony
And Miss Scrapps is in the basement parking lot

slightly shifted but close up
Ms. Stella & Miss Jack having a discussion

Thanks for all the well wishes about our visitor.
I'm relieved to see him each day and he's so friendly I got him to purr the other day. It rips a tiny piece of me to close the door on him each time but for now 'that'll do'. 
That Woman

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Our Little Visitor Update Video

Every time I have to take him out it pains me but until he's neutered we cannot begin to assimilate him into our home.  Further; I feel that the conflicts between he and Ollie that have happened thus far may be insurmountable even after he's fixed.  I'm trying to remain hopeful. 

Thursday, February 06, 2014


She stayed home today and so I was keepin a close eyes on her
jeez my nose looks big!

I was just sittin here; I don't know why she was all laughing and gettin the camera
she's weird

I was givin her purrs to settle her tummy and she liked it
I can tell these things 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Treats on my pillow

Because I am the Queen, waiting on my Royal cushion...

Notice my diminutive paw?
The slight turn of the ankle?
Gets her every time!
I even got her to stop watching Hitchens to fork over treats!

Its  good to be me.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Mr. Chewy Treat Taste Test, Video and Giveaway! (hopefully)

Heya hepcats! 

We got a free treat bag from Mr. Chewy to test taste! 
Look how cute this sticker is that was on the front! 

We were given a choice of treats and we chose Chicken; cos; well, it's been a loooong time since That Woman ate at KFC so this is the next best thing.  

These are freeze dried treats and below you can see the CEO of the freezer playin w/his NipCigar.  (The sunglasses are for he glare off the snow)

There was a nice brochure included but it stated wrongly that 2013 was the year of the Cat.  Well we fixed it and sent it back so they can make the correction. We like being helpful

We don't think the treats will give you this kind of coat. 

And since we mentioned the dreaded B word above we are posting this with no further comment except to say 
Enjoy you TTT's!

And finally our video the lazy human That Woman took today.  Ms. Stella was up first meowing on her stool for treats; naturally the nano second it took TW to turn on the video she stopped talking.  Then, apparently affronted by the camera; she leaves.  But three other kitties had no troubles with bribes what-so-ever! 

There was a rafflecopter entry for January but sadly we missed it.  I will see if I can contact Andrew at Mr. Chewy and get one for February.  

Ms. Stella O'Houligan