Monday, February 28, 2011

Un Impressed

We are un impressed that she has learned how to YouTube
'Bout time. 
If She weren't under the weather a bit 
I imagine you would be bombarded with even 

I'm playing with the wee teabag full of nip from our friends Miles & Mr. Pierro

PeeeEssss: Ms. Stella O'Houligan doesn't co-operate 
We're working on it. who cares
Ms. Jenga

Un Related (sort of)

I forgot so share this
Miles & Pierro's mom made these darling birdz for us. 

I chose orange; 

El chose blue. 

They hang perfectly on our wire tree (I use it for shows to display things) 

It was being sold off at a store closing and I snatched it right up!  
Wish I'd have bought both of them; it's so versatile and I'm surprised  how many times I use it during the year!  Next Christmas I'm going to get some of those little cut glass ornaments and set it right in the sunny slider.  We have one cyrstal piece there now and it fills the room with prisms in the afternoon.  When the breeze blows they move all over and scrappy has a ball chasing them!    We have also placed our Disco ball in that window on occasion with great effect.  
very short; but you get the idea. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Un Certain

Happy Sunday Morning kittehs!  Some warm news to share!

In MY room; I have a problem.  Where the great god Ra comes into my window
at this time of year; the warm was being cut off by That Woman's bed.  So know what? 
She moved it! 
Yup; she moved it just a few inches to the right er...left er.... whatever and now 
I have body warm! 

There's only one teensie problem now; well not MY problem.  More HER problem.  
Can she survive being 'off center?'

I assure Her that it's only temporary.  Ra will slowly move a bit more and this will cease to be an issue
meantime I tell her that it simply matches her personality! 

She and The Gurl made these pillows yesterday. 

Now The Gurls is really cute; looks like an owl and all; 
but Hers?   well.  you see what I mean... 

I don't think she knows the meaning of symmetry.  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Un Decided

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post to bring you this 

What I consider to be the most adorable, whimsical cat fabric E.V.A.R.

Look at what these long legged lovelies have in their bellehs! 

And this is what made me laff and fall off my chair, literally
click to enlarge this one; go on, you know you want to
Check him out!!!  Mr. Green Mancat is ALL MAN
It's not a fabric misprint either;  all the green cats are unaltered boys! 


Now I know, I know, it's politically correct to have our boyz and girls spayed & neutered.  And you won't catch me sayin' contrariwise but you gotta admit

Lime Green Mancats w/fish in their bellehs and their wee cajones showin is funny stuff! 

 How cute is that strip down the center with the fishes? 

 A friend knew I made quilts for cats & she was cleaning out her 'stash' & gave me a 1/2 a yard of this material .  When I got home & opened it up and fell instantly in love. I knew right away I wanted a whole quilt all for myself out of this darling print.  I went online & found the distributor & bought 4 more yards; as it turns out it; they are discontinuing it and my 'cut' was near the end of the bolt so they threw in the extra last yard gratis.   5 yards!!!   DESTINY

THEN, while I was out getting a long decorator pillow for another commission I'm working on (I'll write about that when it's done) I found at my local Joann's this darling group of cat fabrics.  Normally I don't go in for the cutesy charm packs but I really liked the sophisticated look of these felines 

There was also a plain striped and lime green with tiny teal polka dots in this group. 

 Won't these make darling CatNip Quilts??? 

right... I'm off to work.  Ms. Stella will be along any minute shovin me off so she can have her daily dose of nekkid boy

That Woman

Friday, February 25, 2011

Un Believable!

Hey Kittehs!  

I'm so stoked! 

I gotza package in the snail mail from my furriends 

This is soooo cool!

I wonder what's in it???

Awww!  It's a wee red hearty with nip in!  And a tea bag one too! 
How does she know we lovvvee tea! 

That Woman says I should share

Missie Jack!  This white one will match you! 

Miss Jack says "Way to go Captain Obvious" 

Here I am on my favorite thing with my lovely new toy
Miles & Pierro 

A leopard ball with feathers on top! 

I luves me some Nekkid ManCat sniffs!!!


Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Un Ashamed

Ms. Jenga here

let's me tell you about my favorite part of the day...


When it's time for that woman to be home; I KNOW when she's coming.  I start yowling my loudest (so she can hear me a couplea blocks away) I'll bet you kitteh's all ready knew that we can tell our slave's cars by their individual sounds from a mile away at least!  Anyhow; The Rat That Gurl was home from school one time & she told on me.  The Tattletail The Gurl was in the big room where the noisy box is.  When That Woman is not home I can't be in there or I will remind the other three plebeians who the real boss is.


When That Woman comes in the door; my yowling has increased to a fever pitch (someday she will figure out how to do a video of this and post it so's anykitty can hear) I am SO insistent that she drops her purse at the table; opens the cat food holder, scoops out my dinner rations and comes straight in to my room to feed ME.  NEVER MIND that the other three are each sitting very quietly and politely next to their respective dishes on the floor (which She has said is truly adorable to see).  I AM FIRST.       ME.      FIRST.

So... when she comes in know what I do?   know what?  know what???

 I will run over to my dish meyowling; as soon as she stoops down to put the food in; I immediately put my head in the dish so she can't putz the food there.  MOL!!!  Get's her every time!  Sometimes if she's quick she will try to grab the dish first; I just whap the wretched thing and fling it back down on the carpet and then stick my head in.  It's not eben plastic!  I'm a good whapper!  

So then , when I've had enough, finally let her put the food in the dish & place it down for me.  But, our fun isn't over yet!  I will bury my head down and act as if I'm eating... I might even crunch one or two... but my eyes is watchin' her outta their corners... if I look up too fast the kibbles just drops on that carpets... I see then just in time she is leaving to feed the others. 

Once that door closes can you guess what I do next?? 

Can ya?  Yup!!  You guessed it!!

I Start yowling again right at the door crack (where it sounds the loudest) to beat the band!  Loud & long & sometimes I can't even conceal my contempt and She swears She can hear the sarcasm in my music!  I tell her it's just that I feel it necessary to alert the authorities of this brutal, cruel treamtent! 

It's so pawsome I laffs my self silly.  She's in the kitchen feedin the others & I'm screamin up a storm.  She has to come right back in so I will eat.  She tries to get outta her 'workin' clothes and into her 'walkin' clothes (why the heck do humans need to change their furrs alla timez?  They is so weird!) but I have plan for dat too.  I takes one of her walkin' shoes and I hides it in da closet.  See, sometimes when I'm mad at Her; I'll hide in dere.  Dere's a box wif something she calls her 'skinny clothes' and I lay all over dem.  I don't think she'll be gettin' dat box out again any time soons, especially since I'm so good at hidin her shoe! *MOL* 

See what it's all about yet?

She says I'm 'High Maintenance' but I know the truth

I don't wantz to eat all by myselfs

So wait for her, no matter how hungry I am

I sit and yowl and wait till she comes back in MY room (if She is going to be really late; The Gurl feeds me BUT I don't eats it; I still yowl and wait)  It's way funnee when she thinks The Gurl didn't feed me; she gets all crabulated at her and I laffs den too cos they are arguin till they get all quiet & then I hear That Woman say 'JeeeeennnngggaaAAAA!" 

but only when she comes in and sits with me will I eat.

I do this to her




it's how I show her how much I needz her

and the fact that she moves rather quickly to come back in to be with me; tells me a thing about her too


Dat's how we roll

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Un Noticed

                                                               slowy... in the bitter cold of the night I wander

                                             covertly  I check on my housemates...

                                                                                         Nope; she's sleepin on her otto man

                                Nope; she's sleepin on her Tiger blankie

                                                                                          Nope; she's in her tower


That means

                                                                                              The last shall be FIRST

                  And      I ;          stealthy hunter spy mistress of the night drool

                                                                              gain  the mighty clean laundry pile

                                       To myself!                                           

                                             Ever alert! I must keep an eye out for usurpers

Ohhh; so lonely at the top!   But oh soooo wwwaarrrrrmmmmmmm


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Un Real!

We were given a lovely award from Mr. Brian!   THANK YOU!!!!

It was way cool of those lovely kitteh's to bestow this upon us!   
We is supposed to do a coupla tings now: 

1. To Thank the person who gave it to us.   CHECK!

2. We is supposed to list 7 about ourselves but just a coupla weeks ago we did dat.   CHECK! 

                                           ~intermission of blog post for cute baby Cheetah photo~
                                                  Please to take a moment and bask in mind sploding 
                                                                          WILD CUTENESS
           "i haz a rawr!"

3. Last thing is to name 15 blog's we want to give this award to.  

Well;  many of you all ready have this one!  So in true Cat fashion; we will add a twist to this requirement  & list some blogs we like that we think you other kitteh's might like too.  

From That Woman's googlie reader: 

The Birdchick for when you wants to see pictures of beautiful birdez and learn stuff too

We Three Ginger Cats  some Welsh lovlies whose slave is the aweome writer/illustrator Jackie Morris

Drawing a Line in Time is Jackie's blog and the words will melt all yer hearts.. promise

Neil Gaiman's Journal for all you fellow fantasy lovers  The purrrsonalities of his Cat characters are spot on~

Disapproving Rabbits this is the Birdchicks other site and honors lovely, lively and cantankerous rabbits! 

Kimberly's Kittens  Hers  rescues the wee tiny babies who needs bottle feedings.  WARNING:  the squee level on her site is off.the.charts.  Especially fun to see the wee ones thrive, be rehomed & see photos of dem all growed up along with video clips of nose goats milk bubbles; beginning yowling and muffins galore!

Lastly; That Woman's favorite Tiger of them all
Mr. Hobbes

What are some of your favorite blogs ?

Un Requited

From across the yard she spies him 
His heart leaps! ...  and yet he remains cautious

 He comes down off his wall and looks the dashing rouge

she remains coy

 and cruel

 she informs him in no uncertain terms; her heart belongs to another and she spurns him,  again.

she takes respite on her bench with the favored stinky sisal rug

 he remains longing ...

but at a distance

The End

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Note From The President

Yes of course I know it's a Holiday (for some)
That Woman had to work
I'm happy, that leaves me time to hang out in the sun uninterrupted.

You know; that would be a cool name for a new blog
'Cat. Interrupted.'
given that the slaves are always finding new ways to interrupt what could be the perfectly tranquil existence of Us.

 They use flashy things
Noisy, giant sucky things
Wrinkly treat bag sounding things
They have the nerve to open cans with a can opener
when the can is not even tuna!
They repeatedly need to touch our furrs just when we've had them cleaned!
They make irritating smackie noises with their mouths on our heads
I mean seriously; do they think we enjoy that?

Think about this humans; 
You EAT with that thing, you put food in and masticate it till you swallow; 
then you come at us when we are sleeping and drowsy (predators we are) with that giant PIEHOLE and start making EATING noises on our heads!  Then you have the nerve to sit mystified and hurt then when we get up and move. 
Why do we move? 
  Because we are happy to escape with our lives from you Zombies trying to suck out our brains that's why!

Honestly, it's not too hard to figure this out!
So ya; I'm glad She's gone for the day
She is a slave & shouldn't be having all these day's off anyhow.

Ahhhhhh... sun on the underparts...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

OK Cats CatNip Quilt

While most of us are all stuck in wintry weather; these kittehs are luvin' it up in the sun!

There's no post on Monday so it will be mailed on Tuesday
with CatNip Bird
Hopin' Zoe & Fuzzy like them!

Saturday hunt

Ok Kitties....

Guess what I'm doin?

It's sunny today for a minute
They can't resist the moment to sunbathe

I'm always watchin...

Happy Hunting
Ms. Stella
pee.sss..  click to make them bigger;  then pretend to hide and then POUNCE!