Sunday, February 27, 2011

Un Certain

Happy Sunday Morning kittehs!  Some warm news to share!

In MY room; I have a problem.  Where the great god Ra comes into my window
at this time of year; the warm was being cut off by That Woman's bed.  So know what? 
She moved it! 
Yup; she moved it just a few inches to the right er...left er.... whatever and now 
I have body warm! 

There's only one teensie problem now; well not MY problem.  More HER problem.  
Can she survive being 'off center?'

I assure Her that it's only temporary.  Ra will slowly move a bit more and this will cease to be an issue
meantime I tell her that it simply matches her personality! 

She and The Gurl made these pillows yesterday. 

Now The Gurls is really cute; looks like an owl and all; 
but Hers?   well.  you see what I mean... 

I don't think she knows the meaning of symmetry.  


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Oh, yeah! She will survive, you enjoy that good warmth. Cute pillows. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. What we won't do for our kitties! I rearranged my sewing room so that Oscar has a special place to sit in the sun by the window. We luvs 'em! When I looked at the picture of the bed, the first thing I noticed was the owl pillow! Love it!

  3. Love your posts! They make me smile. And laugh.

  4. Momma laughed out loud at your remarks about your mom's personality VS the bed change...for you of course. ! And we are both smiling at the super fun and unique pillows.

  5. Your human moves the furniture for you???? Wow...!

    BTW, those pillows are great!

  6. Your mom move the bed for you !!! Teach me !!! I want this lesson to deal with mom : )

    Owl Pillows are cute, I think the shape of the pillow look like Cat as well : )


  7. I think you've got it just right now!

  8. We're glad that That Woman moved her bed for you! You have her trained well!

    We think those owls are cute! They look like one that our mommy had on Friday Features last week! :)

  9. Now, see THAT is how a Human is supposed to act! No sacrifice is too great to ensure our comfort!

    My Human thinks your Mom and teh Gurl are pawsomely talented!


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