Monday, February 28, 2011

Un Related (sort of)

I forgot so share this
Miles & Pierro's mom made these darling birdz for us. 

I chose orange; 

El chose blue. 

They hang perfectly on our wire tree (I use it for shows to display things) 

It was being sold off at a store closing and I snatched it right up!  
Wish I'd have bought both of them; it's so versatile and I'm surprised  how many times I use it during the year!  Next Christmas I'm going to get some of those little cut glass ornaments and set it right in the sunny slider.  We have one cyrstal piece there now and it fills the room with prisms in the afternoon.  When the breeze blows they move all over and scrappy has a ball chasing them!    We have also placed our Disco ball in that window on occasion with great effect.  
very short; but you get the idea. 


  1. Miles & Pierro's mom is very talent !!! Those birds are so cute !
    and thanks for idea Disco ball but I think my pawsrents will do more dancing than I play. Because I don't catch the light..MOL

  2. WOW! You've caught a sunpuddle forming!

  3. what a wonderful idea..a harmless light that one doesn't have to be careful with as in the laser light.

  4. Those birds are adorable and the crystal ornaments are a great idea. An easy kitty toy! :-)

  5. Oh my Cod, You have a disco ball? Does Donna Summer ever come over? Or the BeeGees?


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