Friday, February 11, 2011

Jenga Update

Last update for the eve:  it's 10:27pm.  I had taken her collar off earlier so she could drink & eat; she did neither and after I gave her the pain meds she immedately went under my bed. She's just come out for quick box trip; ate a morsel or two and went back under the bed.  Sans collar again.  But since she's not bothering her 'bow' I'm not going to worry.  I hope she stays a good girl & leaves her bandage alone.  I know she hates the cone!
Thank you to everyone who's posted & sent their purrs & hugs. 
I worry over her so! 

pain meds are a good thing - no appetite but it doesn't matter cos I can't reach the foodz anyhow!

Kitties,  I'll tell you my story:

  Last night it wasn't dark or stormy but it was windy with the 'Devil Winds' blowin like crazy.  After the  other kitties was a alseep; That Woman let me out so I could go in the garage.  I like the garage; it has carpet and lots of places to sleep with blankets all over the place and one GIANT heater.  I like to sleep on the hood sometimes. 

BUT I tell you, I KNEW something was wrong.  It didn't smell right out there so I went out rrreeeeeallllllly slowly to investigate. 

What did I find?  An INTERLOPER!  There's been this all black fat girl kitty hanging around the backyard.  I know cos my window overlooks the walkway to the backyard & I sees her going under the gate (there's a whole in the bottom and she squeezed herself in there)  *probably cos she's too fat to leap up the fence!*
Anyhow; she got in MY garage & was hanging out in there!  She had been hiding in there and the other cats didn't know but when I went out there I saw her right off and RAN RIGHT UP TO HER in my Bengal self & said 'HEY! You gitz outta my area!' to which she had the affrontery to reply 'Oh HELL noes, you guyz gotz the life of Riley (no relation to goggie) and I aint'a be gettin' outta here!"  To which I YOWLED just like Miss Trish at Katnip Lounge thought... 'OH YA?? WELL BITE ME blackie straycat!  This here is MY OUR digs &you best be off back to whatever food trough you rolled out of porkie!'

My guess is she didn't appreciate me calling her 'straycat' cos when I turned to come in she attacked me for NO GOOD REASON!!! (just all the bad ones)   How did I know that little hussy would take me up on it!  I mean who does that???  I heard That Woman comin' up fast (LOL; she nearly fell over running thru the kitchen) and I knew I woudln't get anothter chance to show straycat how aggresive I really was but when I saw the look on That Womans face I stood and held my ground. 

There was a hole in some vent thing and that blackie cat flew outta there.  That Woman picked me up right off (after the stray left so I wouldn't lose face) and she tried to look me over but I was soo mad still I was yowling at everyone so she put me back in my Bengal cave and let me be to calm down. 

When She came in later that night to our cave to sleeps; I curled up right next to Her and purrrred.  Though everytime she would pet me and get near my tail I would make a soft, gravelly 'ruuhhhh' noise.  She couldn't see anything at the time.  Next morning I didn't get up for breakfast when The Gurl came in with it.  I let her pet me but kept my tail flat down.  Then The Woman just put her hand on the area & could feel it all warm.  Next think I know, I'm in the solitary box kennel carrier and on my way to the vet. 

Here is the result of that harrowing endeavor.
oooowwiiiEEEEEEEE! this is NOT the kind of bow that makes you prettyful. 
Look at my beatiful tail!  It's ruined!  *sniff*

uhhh; Houston?  We haz a problem!

And can you believe She has the nerve to wonder if that straycat is all right?  sshheees!
I think I'll just lie back in the suns & dream of more sun. 


  1. Bless your ferocious Bengal heart - we're sorry you got beat up IN YOUR OWN GARAGE! That black cat has no manners. We hope that you recover fast from your injuries, and we're glad your mom caught them pretty quick. Purrs.

  2. Ouchie fur sure! I sure am sending you lots of healing purrs Jenga, and behave yourself please!

  3. Holy CATS!!

    Rupert here, and I can relate. I had the same thing happen to me, except I don't think it was the same kitty what bit you. Maybe.
    I had my behiney shaved, too.

    But the good thing is that not only did my furz grow back, I came INTO the house and got my forever home after my surgery.

    Please heal up soon...we lubs you and are purring like MadCats for your lovely tush to heal up right quick.

  4. Oh noes Jenga! What a scary ordeal you went through in your own garage! We hope you heal up quickly and we know your tail will be as beautiful as ever. That black cat needs to learn some manners and never step paw back into your garage again!

  5. Wow, that bitey sore came up very quickly after that intruder bit you. Get better soon!

  6. Oh noes Jenga, darling sweet baby! How DARE that mannerless trollop come into YOUR territory and dare to take you at your word!

    I hope your furs grow back in super fast and I am purring at a fever pitch for you. Ms Stella should have been there as back up. It would all be over but the yowling between the two of you.

    xoxox and lots of gentle pets.

  7. You poor baby - that looks like an especially bad ouchie too.

  8. How is Miss Jenga today please? Me and Mom have been furry concerned.


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