Sunday, February 06, 2011

'Thank You' Notes from Mr. Riley

Hi miss Stacy,
It's me again.  Yep, Riley!
My Mom was playing her musics this morning and one of my fav songs comed on.  I just couldn't help myself.  I just had to sing along.
Well, Mom sneaked in and recorded me.  I told her that since she did, she should probably put out on that internet thingy and let The Gurl hear it so she can practice for sometime when we can sing together.  Oh, yeah, and if you would, please, can you share the link with my new kitteh furriends?  My mom made the link so that it's unpublished but not private so anyone who has the link can see it.
The Riley

*author edit* here is the note Mr. Riley wanted me to post for all his new furriends in catland! (and googie land  Ms. Sadie) 

Hellooooooooo Miss Stacy~ 

Garsh, I’m no sure what to make of all of these kittehs talkin’ bout me.
Miss Stella and Miss Stacy and The Gurl are makin’ me famous!

@Miss Luscious Lucy – I’m sittin’ on my Mom’s lap right now tellin’ her what to put. And, how did you know that she kisses my nose? Are you telecathic? I would share my tennis ballz with you if I knew zactly where you are.

@Miss Abby – smoochies back to you. I don’t know how to purr, but I do wimper a bit sometimes when I’m sleepin’ on my Mom’s lap and havin’ a dream.

@Mr. Brian – I think you are makin’ a joke, cuz I do likes tennis ballz…a lot!!

@Mr. His Majesty the Admiral Hestorb – I am sooooo glad that you unnerstand HANDSOME! My Mom tells me all a time that I’m PRETTY!
Sheese – humans!

@Mr. Pierro - I am pretty cool right now. It’s winter and it’s colder than I remember it ever being, except for when I was a lil baby and that mean old guy threw me away in the Tennessee mountains in November. That’s how my Mom got me, and I’m glad she did.

@Spitty-the-kitty – I luv your name. It’s really cool. You don’t haf to disapproves of me, cuz I am mostly a good boy. I do confess that I chase a squirrel or two, but that’s cuz it’s in my DNA to do it.

@the Gurl – You are pretty. I sing to music sometimes too. Maybe we could sing together sometimez. I like to sing to R-E-S-P-E-C-T the mostest and next is Benny and the Jets. Do you know those ones?

@Miss Stacy – Thanks bunches for the cool card. I wish I could fly like the goggie on the front of it. My Mom let me read it 5 times and I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed it too. I think I could smellz Miss Stella and Miss Jack and Miss Scraps too.

Tail wags, puppy kisses and bellie rubz to everyone!

Riley L.

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  1. Ms. Stella et al., It is really very generous of you to share your blog with....with....with a woofie. Yeah, he is kind of sweet, but still. It's the principle of the thing.


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