Sunday, February 13, 2011

Puuuurrrrrrrrr SUNday

tingles my skin
thru my slick coat
it warms
all the way
inside the cinnamon layer
to the heart

Ahhhhhh kittehs.  It's a good Sunday indeed to have that dreaded cone off. We were kept awake all thru the night with my twichie tail and me trying to sooothe it with my own grooming which I couldn't do with that blasted thing on!  I would yowl; then walk all over the bed; then I would take the infernal thing and scrape it on the bedrails; in the bathroom on the walls; and finally on the side of her face! 

She got a cloth and put hots water on it. Then she gently placed it carefully on one side of my owie and held it there.  Oohhhh BIG puurrrrrrsssss then.  Closed eyes; calm tail; head nodding off.  We both fell asleep then around 2am.  Me cradled between her legs; Her, sitting up with pillows; arms wrapped around me one hand under my paws & head; the other hand gently holding the compress in place. 

I convinced her this morning that I wouldn't attack my owie if she would leave off the cone for a bit.  So here I am; dozing in the blessed sun.  Happy SUNday indeed. 


  1. Poor Jenga!
    Greetings from Caos

  2. What a tough thing to have to go through for you both. Hope tonight can be coneless.

  3. Miss Jenga, you are much much beloved and that makes me so happy. I'm so glad to read you are doing better sweet one.

  4. Miss Jenga I am so glad you were able to talk your Mom into NO CONE!

    Happy Sunday sunny beams!


  5. Poor Miss Jenga, your Mom is a good 'un to care for you so tenderly. We are purring that your bottom heals up quickly and with no itchies.

  6. Oh Jenga, we are all sending you gentle scritches, and big hugs to your Human who is being such a comfort.

  7. ohhhh, this is soo nice what your mommy did...what a loving thing to do :)

  8. Jenga, you have really had a time with that owwie, haven't you. But you will get better and you have the most wonderful mom to help you get there. We can only imagine how wonderful it was to be nestled into her legs and having her hands cup your face and put that wonderful warmness on your owwie. What a great mom you have. She loves you very, very much. Do you think if Sam or I got sick that we could come over there and let your mom take care of us like that? Do you? Huh? We'd pay our own way and bring our own snacks, too! Tell her just in case :)

  9. Oh Jenga, what a dramatic story!

    I am so, so so so so sorry that you ended up with such a big owie, and had to go to the v-e-t, but soon it will go away (and your beautiful back and tail will be good as new) and you will have that exciting story to tell for all your life!

    I purrsonally have never had to ewear the COne of Shame, but I think you did very well to get rid of it so quick!


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