Tuesday, February 01, 2011

7 Things About Miss Scraps!

  1. My favorite person is That Woman
  2. I get so beside myself with affection that I drool until it gets on everything and Cod forbid I shake my head!
  3. I am a closet ‘pole’ dancer.  There is a table leg I use and I get so ‘jiggy’ wif it Her & The Gurl laugh till they cry!
  4. I am a bonafide coward! But if That Woman yells at one of the other kitties I will chase them off!  (Even Stella!)
  5. I don’t eat people foodz
  6. I LOVE to be brushed but only when the other cats are getting brushed and getting attention and I'm not. 
  7. I like licking the Gurls hair but she never appreciates the lovely hairstyle I give her


  1. I hope That Woman takes a video of you doing the jiggy with the leg - that sounds like a cool treat and you sound like a character.

  2. What fun to get to know you pretty girl!!! Me and mommy finks these awardies are the best thing since scratch pads! We get to learn all about our furriends.

    You're so pretty and brave..especially if you chase off Ms Stella O'Houligan! WOW!

  3. Nice to know you better. love the photots. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  4. Missy Scraps, your mom and your girl love you so much! I really enjoyed learning these things about you.
    Now I know you are special!


  5. Zaphy says, "Yay! Another cat that likes grooming Feeders!! Do you clean her ears as well?? Mom, dad & Corwyn won't let me do theirs. ::rolls eyes:: But Jennifer still lets me groom her hair and clean her ears, thank Bast! Don't they realize how important good grooming is?? Silly silly Feeders!!"

  6. Ooh, number 2 applies to me too. Purring leads to drippy drools!

  7. Ohhhh, Miss Scraps, you are a lovely one! My Sam is a drooler, too. He does it to Mom's face to wake her up. I always wonder what those words mean that she says under her breath. Are they really sighs of happiness?
    You pole dance! Have you thought of giving lessons? I'd sign up for sure :D
    We are looking at that really nice swing-chair behind you. Do you get up on it and sleep in sun puddles? That chair looks like a vacation to us :)
    We are sooo glad to meet you, Miss Scraps! xoxoxo

  8. Maybe your Mom can quilt you a dribble bib! Um, and we need a few, too...

    About the table leg, can we see video? Purely for educational purposes.

  9. Miss Scraps: You sound so loving! And you have a clear talent! You are a pole dancer! How creative! :)

  10. Woo HOO !!!
    Another girl here ! Nice to meet you Miss Scraps. I really wanna see your pole dancing...hee...hee..hee Must be so sexy !!!


  11. Miss Scraps
    We would love to see your dance!
    And guess what?
    I drool with happiness too.


  12. Hello, Miss Scraps, it's very nice to meet you! I also enjoy styling hair (but only some people's, not my moms), and they NEVER appreciate it. But that doesn't stop me.

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  13. We'd love to see you dance too! And we've never drooled but our sisfur Sadie does!

    Angel & Isabella

  14. Oh Miss Scraps!
    I'm a coward too! I don't eat people foods either! We should get together!


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