Monday, January 31, 2011

7 Things About Us!

 We got this award from a couple of  fellow CB's out there;  It's been great fun reading everyone's 'seven things' about themselves.  I thought it would be cool since there are four of us cats & two servants to list a picture each day with 7 things about that Cat (or servant.) 

While Ms. O'Houligan couldn't be reached for comment , I have been assured by her PR staff we have permssion for me to use  little known  or unnown facts about her for this project provided she has full disclousre first. Therefore hers will be last since the attorneys involved in this discovery process may drag this out a bit.  BUT; over the next 6 days you can see photos and read up on our house.  

I am going to start from last feline acquired and move forward to Ms. O'Houligan; The Queen Stella herself.  (of course Ms. Stella said ... "as it should be: save the best for last).  Thanks for stoppin for a visit!  Hope you enjoy it. Without further fuss may I present

Lady Jenga:
Miss Jenta is an 9 year old spayed female.  She came to my house (Bengal rescue) after Mr. Aspen found his forever home June 2009.  She has yet to be placed.  She is a cancer survivor.  While in my care she developed a growth on one of her hind toes which had to be removed.  After so many trips back and forth to the vet for bandage changes (and a change of Vet) somewhere in there we bonded & I told her that if she never found a forever home; she would always have one here with me.  Since the surgery was costly and rescue wanted to opt for the less costly option of euthanasia;  I arranged my own online art auction and sent out the S.O.S. to help fund it.  You can read about that here  .  It was hugely successful and from the letters and notes I got everyone was thrilled to help and very pleased with their pieces of art.   While in my home she is confined to the master bedroom owing to her aggressive dominant nature.  Something Ms. Stella and I are not quite happy with  but as of now it's the only solution we have so we all must bend a bit.

From Miss Jenga:
1. I don’t like any human food
2. I don’t like any wet stinky cat food
3. I LOVE the brush and come running and meowing from nowhere when I hear Her scratch her finger on the bristles!  I try to ‘eat’ the brush  when She brushes me
4. I dig under the quilts on the bed to sleep under the covers next to the warmy blanket

5. I sing to the moon sometimes at night until she say’s “Jenga NO!” to which I say “Jenga YES!”
6. I don’t like anyone NEAR my feet with anything other than their lips to kiss my paws!
7. I can stare down ALL the other kitties until they cower & leave the room (except Miss Jack who is always asleep and wouldn’t know the difference)


  1. Congrats on your very nice award, y'all are really very stylish and I enjoyed your list!

  2. Miss Jenga, I am so glad to get to know you, my sister. You are a loved and treasured fur baby. Your mom Miss Stacy and her daughter have given you the love and care you deserve and I know you love them back. ♥♥♥ We beautiful girls must stick together but I will respect your desire to be top kitty and I'll stay over here out of your way..but I'm just a glance away.

  3. Miss Jenga, you are quite beautiful! Sam's gettin' that 'look' so I had to push him off the chair for now. I'll tell your mom what I think you're trying to say: You are the feline leader of the WomanCats movement, that's what you are. So you have much to say and much to be aggressive about. Am I right? You say no silly business for you. You say gimme the blankets and the food "I" want. We say careful Miss Jenga. Don't tread too harshly over too many toes. Be a sweetheart as we can see in your lovely eyes that you can be. You are SO lucky to have a mom like yours :D
    We are blowing nose kisses to you 'cause we know you might not want us up too close and personal ;)

  4. Audrey from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde says, "Hi Jenga! My mom used Valerian tea when I came here. Did your mom use that or another scent?? Does your paw still hurt?? Do you have a window to look out of? Do you... Me-om!!! Why are you taking the computer away from meeeeeee?"

  5. Hi Audrey! That Woman says you can see my post on my room here:

    Since I was not supposed to stay here forever she didn't want to 'socialize' me with the other cats. My paw is fine now & I'm happy and very frisky! We play hide & seek in the mornings and I run and climb to my tower and purr really loud so she can find me!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Miss Jenga

  6. Miss Jenga, I have to say that I love your tough 'tude! I got bossed around by boycats for years - I sure wish I could have taken some lessons from you on how to smack them down. Now I have a 'little' sister who is much better. It was nice to learn about you!

    Your new friend, Fuzzy

  7. Miss Jenga, you are goreous and the ManCats here are all fainty! We Girls like your style; we wish WE could command such respect. But not liking stinky goodness? That's weird!

  8. Miss Jenga you sound exactly like my Molly who went to the bridge last year at 19. She hated her brothers and lived in the master bedroom, she loved to be brushed and only ate crunchy food! I'm glad your toe is better and that you are happy...isn't it wonderful that your foster mum has looked after you so well :-)

  9. We loved reading abowt Jenga!

  10. Congretulation for an award : )
    It's really nice to see you Miss Jenga. I think I would like to know you more ! You are pretty interesting lady. I hope I can see more often : )

  11. Miss Jenga
    You are a gorgeous girl and very brave to deal with that bad "c" word. We are so happy that Miss Stacy held her auction of her art work and helped you with your medical bills. THAT was really sweet.


  12. Miss Jenga, you are so purrty and we're so glad that you are doing well and being cared for and loved by Miss Stacy! It was fun to learn more about you too. We're so glad your toesies are all healed up. We sent you some of our allowance at that time to help because we love you too!

  13. Miss Jenga it was interesting to read about you! And you are lucky that you can live here forever with Stacy. How sweet is that.

    I look forward to hearing about the other kitties too.

    I kept seeing Stacy's nice comments on other blogs, so I came over to visit. Looks like fun and what beautiful quilts!


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