Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hiya Kitties! Happy Sunday!

I just finished these two CatNip quilts.  This one is for Miss Abby

This one is for a dear friend of Miss Admiral's.  She doesn't have a blog yet but hopefully we'll get pictures of her lovely Distinguished Gentleman  Mr. T.  She asked for material that had cardinals or finches on it on a beige or tan background.  I found this charming Debbie Mumm fabric with all kinds of birds on it. 

The photo doesn't reflect the warmth of the true colors tho.  The border is a lovely shade of greens.

I really enjoy quilting these little quilts.  It gives me practice and this pattern (Random Baptist Fan) is
hard; but it's one of my favorites. 

There's a very sweet boy who just celebrated his first birthday.  He's very special to me, being able to see him as a baby kitteh with his mama at Miss Teri's ; then onto his furever home with Mr. Pierro.  Watching him grow from a gangly boycat into a more thoughtful (but still gangly) mancat has been wonderful.  I wanted to make something really special for him so I made a CatNip quilt for him that matches the one I made for our beloved Mr. Disco who lives with Miss Teri.

Here's a picture of Disco enjoying his.  It's flannel and soft and warm! It's even got a row of pillow fringe that's really thick.  Miss Teri said all her furrydance kitties love that part in particular as they can rub on it and nestle their noses in the plush threads. 

Oh noes! An interloper! hee

Here is Ms. Stella road testing the one for Miles.

I will spend today quilting it and putting his name on it.  And THAT my dear kitties makes this one CATNIP QUILT NUMBER  98!!!

I started making these in 2009.  I was joking that every time I was working on a quilt a cat would eventually find it and lay on it.  Then I thought It'd be great to make them their very own mini quilts.  One step further was to add the CatNip between the layers and the CatNip Quilt was born! *at least my version anyhow*   I don't market them and I don't sell them when I go to gallery shows or craft faires.  They are sold strictly by word of mouth.   I am always humbled when I see photos of the kitties enjoying them on the web; or seeing videos of them enjoying their very own special blankets.  It makes me happy.  I make them because I love cats & I love to quilt.  I'm looking forward to seeing who will be the lucky owner of #100!  I will also have something extra special for that kitteh & their person for being the 100th buyer.  How FUN!


  1. All the quilts are wonderful, and the kitties getting them are sure to love them. The pattern of the quilting looks very challenging but I think it is what makes them so very very special. Maybe one day I can talk my Mom into ordering one for me! When they have decided on a color for a new couch, I guess.

  2. Those are just fabulous. I love them. I think you must have quite a business knowing how many cats love catnip. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  3. We love your quilts, they are each lovely works of art. We're going to pressure, um, we mean, TALK to our Mom about getting one for us.

  4. We love your quilts, they are each lovely works of art. We're going to pressure, um, we mean, TALK to our Mom about getting one for us.

  5. Mr T will be thrilled beyond measure and that is a manly quilt! He will love it and so will his mommy!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan, you are on the job, my sistuh! ♥♥♥♥

  6. All those quilts are purrfect! We always enjoy seeing the kitties enjoying them too since we love ours!

  7. We think we need a quilt. Heck, we KNOW we need one. How do they hold up to being yakked on? We're a little worried cuz some of us are EPIC yakkers.

  8. Oh boyyyyy, we can see that more of our friends are going to be having some quilt fun! Sam said he adores the pattern since Cardinal is his favorite dish. I JUST got my quilt back from that old Sam and Mom took a picture of me that she says she'll post in a bit. This morning, Sam & I had BOTH quilts on the bed and made great use of them by stretching our bods the full length. What a good snooze we had!

  9. Happy Birthday Ms. Trish!!!

    They are fully machine washable. Toss 'em in the dryer on low & give 'em a good pressing with a hot iron. That freshens the nip too.

  10. Oh we are looking forward to our quilt! It is so beautiful. Thank you Miss Stacy!!!!


  11. They really, really are pretty and the look quite comfy!

  12. Those quilts are so pretty!! And we would love to have one...or two...ourselves!!

  13. Your quilts are fabulous !
    And I couldn't believe last time, Lucy and Sam ( A tales of 2 kittens ) got it and Sam want it all...That was so funny !

  14. They are great quilts and my happy kitties are offering purrs of thanks.


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