Sunday, January 09, 2011

Letter from Mr. Larry!!!

I'm so happy Mr. Larry took Ms. Stella's advice & got his human off to the right start by layin down the paw & having her scribe his letter to us. heehee!   He also got her to send a couple pictures!

Before I post his letter I'll give you some background.  His new owner is a student in animal phychology & behavior at San Luis Obispo College; she is working her way thru college at  Petsmart! (sweeeeet!)   She shares her apt.  with an 2 yr old Wheaton Terrier named Harly. She saw Larry on the Bengal Rescue and decided that the 8 hour round trip drive to get him would be worth it.  I'm so very glad she did.  Mr. Larry is an exceedingly smart and energetic cat who needs lots of one on one attention & stimulation.  I have no doubts that she is the perfect match for him.  Since Harly loves cats apparently; I feel certain that given time & the right introductions; they should get along just fine. 

I was so pleased to meet her in person.  She was able to spend an hour or so with Mr. Larry getting to know him while I buzzed around getting all this things ready and chatted about all the things he does, likes and doesn't like.  

Here is a note from his new person first: It includes the pictures she sent:

Dear Stacy:
Well Mr. Larry is doing well. The first night of staying with me, I let him roam the apartment at night while I was sleeping... BIG mistake. He kept walking past Harly's crate and when Harly would move; Larry would just freeze solid.  When Harly laid back down, Larry would continue walking back and forth. That wasn't the mistake. All night Larry was roaming around the apartment which kept Harly up all night because I didn't introduce them yet. So basically I got 2 hours of sleep that night. 

Larry is doing GREAT with me. He let's me pet him, pick him up whenever and I even got to brush him this morning. I think his apprehension for Harly is bringing us closer :-) I know it will take time for them 2 to like each other but it's amazing how close he is with me already. When I went to work today (Harly comes with me all day) he had the roam of the apartment. I think he likes it because he had it all to himself and I opened the blinds for him to sit at the window perch. 

When I got home from work, I searched the whole place and couldn't find Larry!! I was worried that he escaped out the window (even though the window was shut and I have screens on them). After searching for a good 10 minutes I went to change out of my work clothes and there I found Larry, sitting in my clothes drawer all bundled up. How he got in there... I have no clue!

So what I did was cleared a little space for him so he can be "safe" in the drawer now. I was petting Larry and decided to maybe show him Harly. Well the whole time Larry was "chatting" away and poked his head under my arm pit, so he didn't have to look at Harly. That lasted about 10 seconds and then Larry wasn't having it... So this evening, Larry will be sleeping in the bathroom. I set his bed and litter box in there and some of his straws. After eating dinner, I went in there to spend some time with him and this is what I found!

He likes laying in the sink. Lol. 

I'll keep you posted on how he is doing with Harly but I think overall for being with me for one day, he is doing fantastic!! He is going to fit right in with my "family" :-)

A note from Larry

Miss Stacy,

That was the longest car ride ever! About half way I was getting grumpy and didn't want my picture taken nor being pet by that young girl. When we got to my new home, there were so many trees and birds that I couldn't focus on just one. The young girl kept me in the bathroom but I didn't want to leave my carrier. I just sat there and was talking to her the whole time. I don't think she understood me but I kept chatting anyways. 

When the girl left and came back with that dog she calls Harly, I didn't know what To think. I didn't see him, but I could hear him breathing under the bathroom door and his collar jingling away. That startled me and I ran and hid next to the toilet. When the girl and her dog went to bed, she was nice enough to leave the door open for me. I was walking very quietly so I didn't wake the dog. After roaming my new home, I found the windows!! And what's really great, is that next to the windows is a big glass house that has frogs in it!! I sat there and starred at them for awhile. My goal is to catch one when the girl goes to work!

The girl made me look at her dog...I didn't like him. He is definitely bigger than all of your kitties (my old roomies). The dog just sits there and stares at me as if I was his best friend. HA! Like that will ever happen. I do like that I have my "own" place. When the girl and her dog leave, I get to explore and not have to worry about anyone bothering me. 

I think I'm going to like it here. The girl got me some treats and I didn't eat them in front of her But I waited until she left. They were my favorite, SALMON! (thanks for giving her the heads up). I haven't had any accidents yet and she placed my box in the middle of the room so i felt safe. I think the little things is what is making me Happy. 

Miss Stacy, thank you again for keeping me for the past 6 months! I had a blast there, and I will miss sitting in your basket watching you make your quilts. You have definitely helped me in the road to being "normal" and I couldn't thank you anymore. I'll keep you posted on "life with the girl and her dog!"

Well, after I read that you can bet my eyes were shining and there was some peace in my heart.  I know Mr. L found a great person to hang with.  I told her I loved her last line & suggested (even though she's probably very busy) should do a blog by Larry called 'Life with the girl & her dog" it sounded sooo cute! She wrote me back a bit ago and said she might!  So I'll keep ya posted & link it up. 


  1. Mr Larry is too funny : )
    I'm not surprise he found a great person to hang out with because he has such a great personality !

  2. this makes me very happy.

    Well done Stacy

  3. This made my day! Hurrah!

  4. What a beautiful post and pics! ♥♥♥

  5. Oh we didn't know about Mr. Larry getting a furever home. The letters make our hearts happy!


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