Saturday, January 01, 2011

Caption contest! WINNERS!


Ok; so there was more than one but things should always go in threes; it's a rule.
  And it was really hard to choose just these.  
They were all funny!

1.)  From MISSY TERI!
...I go to parties, sometimes until four. It's hard to leave when you can't find the door... 
seriously; I've been singing this song ever since!  

2.) From Dabbler 
The Luggage had appeared atop a pile of boxes, two of it's many legs waving merrily, it's tail drooping. Wait... Rincewind thought, "where did it get that tail?"
because many of us are huge Terry Pratchett fans!

3.) From Katnip Lounge

Body?  What Body?
 I love this one because I'm just not sure who's saying it and that kinda creeps me out but makes me laugh too!

So if all of you would please be so kind as to send me via email your snail mail addy's I will be happy to send you a lovely CatNip Bird of your very own.  
my email is 
stacyhurt at rocketmail dot com

I took this photo and I LOVE it; but for the life of me I can't caption it!  So if you write a caption and it makes me fall of my stool laughing; you win and I'll send you this prize! 

I had gotten this adorable bird pattern two years ago from Spool

Then, someone had reposted it on the CBlogosphere as a cat toy and it reminded me! The two fancy birds I had made  were found by Mr. Larry and became his favorite bitey toys and they didn't even have nip in 'em!  So then, light bulb moment... I thought; wouldn't it be fun; stuff them with stuffing AND nip .  So I've made a few for my own girls & they hang on our tree till Christmas (way up high at the top and outta reach!)

I've brought this one down so y'all can see Miss Jack and get an idea how big they are:

So if you want to win one write me your funniest caption and I'll choose by January 1st and then post the winning caption!  :)   This one's out of Christmas fabrics but I also make them in regular. 

this one was requested by The Gurl for her room; it's lime green polka dots under and over is green; pinks, yellows & fuchsia plaid. 

This one is NOT a cat toy owing to the fancy headdress!

IN other news I'm also making this offer:

As you all ready know; you can bid on one of my CatNip Quilts at the auction going on over here   and I will toss in a bird toy for the winning bidder too!  As bidding closes at midnight tonight I think it's OK for me let slip that I had donated TWO quilts for the auction so look for the other one coming up next week along with the quilted cat note card you see in the post below. :)  Good Luck and happy bidding! 


  1. We are so excited to win! How cool! Mommy will go email you now.

    Happy New Year!

    Luv, The Katnip Lounge Horde

  2. Teri's been singing that song too, but says it reminds her of her olden days, hahameow! We are awaiting said birdy gifty made wif luv!

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  4. Congratulation for all winners !!!!!!!!!

    I wish 2011 will bring love + happiness + good health for you and your family : )


  5. Concats to all the winners. We fink all the kapshuns have the funny, but I keep laffing at "Body? What body?" Ha ha ha!

    Happy Mew Ear!

  6. You have mommy's and my addy.

    LOVE the birdies you made. Yummy. and speaking of bitey, it's time for me to lay a good bitey on mommy. She's overdue. She got 9 inches of hair cut off today so she needs a bitey.
    Love to all of my fellow felines.

  7. Ms. Admiral; are you dabbler?

  8. Greetings Stacy,

    Congratulations to the winners and we agree with the first selection as it is really funny.

    Did you know your post is posted twice, how interesting.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  9. Not me, Ms O'Houligan. But I sure loved that caption.


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