Saturday, January 22, 2011

from: The Dog

I love that I get 'Congratulations' notes from The Dog who lives in Texas
Look how carefully he sealed the envelope
(I figure dogs are good at sealing things with all that drool they got)

And of course the card itself.  I keep all these cards and envelopes  in a special place.  This one will go at the top! 
And yes 'Kimberly's Kittens' I'm sure it's goats milk cos all us cat lubbers know that cow milk is a no-no!To my CatBlogosphere friends; her blog is bar-none (no pun intended) one of the best out there for kitten care as well as enough adorable photos that will make you just explode from cuteness.  


  1. You get cards from D.O.G.S.? Wow!

  2. KEGGER! Oh my gosh, we are chompin' at the bit to join that pawty. Heaven in a tin! And we loved Riley's envelope, too. We've met 2 woofers that were nice to us and we liked them until they ate our toys. Now mom always puts everything out of their reach when they come to visit. They don't look happy about it but WE do :D

  3. Loving those pictures and the envelope, MOL.


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