Sunday, January 09, 2011

Some mews

Well; I must say that watching Mr Larry drive off with his new person wasn't nearly as horrible as I thought it would be.  I took lots of video of him before he left but I can't get it to load either via you tube or just direct to blogger.  It has been very frustrating and time consuming only to find out it didn't work.  So I gave up.  If anyone has hints on ways to load video where it actually doesn't take several hours to load please let me know.  The videos are only one minute long each so I can't imagine why it's being so stupid! 

The rest of the house cats have certainly reverted back to their 'pre male cat in our house' catitudes and for that I am most grateful.

Since I was going to be off on Friday (getting Larry situated) I decided to take a whole week of vacation.  I have much yardwork; sewing commissions & general after the holiday cleanings to attend.  After Larry drove off I went straight to the backyard with the electric hedge trimmer.  Everything was going along wonderfully until I got to the fortnight lilys.  Then as I stooped to start 'hedging' them I felt my back go. 

I won't even bother telling you why the sky over my house must have been literally black with all the words that came out of my mouth then.   I decided that since the gods decided to be evil to me I wouldn't give them the satisfaction and I immediately took steps to minimize the injury to my back by lying down right away with ice.  And vicodin.  And ibuprophen.  Yesterday I spent the entire day laying on the couch in and out of sleep watching the extended version of the Lord of The Rings entire collection.  Today I was able to walk around and take a shower.  I WILL be in my sewing room today come hell or high water.  Even if I do resemble a pretzel. 

So; sitting at the computer is not what I should be doing but I wanted y'all to know what was going on.  I simply will NOT let this ruin the first vacation I've had IN A YEAR thank you very much!  

I will get to visit blogs periodically and there will be no incriminating photos of me lying on the couch with all three of my cats on top (well, ok; Ms. Stella was lying next to me but not ON me) of me keeping me down to rest. 

That Woman
Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. You do realize that any vacation worth it's salt include many many many naps.
    Or at least for me it does!

  2. I'd love to know who the cosmic joker is who decided that holidays should always be accompanied by sickness or calamity!

    I hope your back recovere straight away.

  3. Hey Sal; I'm pretty sure it's Loki. Has to be. Serves me right I suppose for makin' plans!

    Trish; you are so right of course. Only thing that kept me from tearing my hairs out yesterday was constantly repeating... "it's only for today; tomorrow will be better. it's only for today; you could use the rest; it's only for today..."

    happy to say i could sit at my sewing machine today with the lower back brace on; but hey! for a few hours I've been able to create and that makes me feel tons better even if I can't go outside.

  4. oh this is a complete bummer about your hurtie back. We are sad that you had to take drugs and get the ice out.

    We hope you make a quick recovery but please be conservative with your attempts to get back to normal.
    Yes, do some things that make you pleased with some accomplishments.

    We do not know how you could have been so brave to let Mr. Larry go... mom would be howling - look at that face!!

    bonks to you dear
    and orangey bronks too

  5. We're so sorry about your ouchie. My Human has the fun pain pillz right now too (for her toof). They don't really totally take away the pain, but they do make her a little happier, ha ha ha!

    Love that yawn photo!

  6. What's up with you humans lately? Our woman fell down on Dec 29th (on the sidewalk-IN PUBLIC) and injured her left elbow. Now she sits around with an ice pack all day and whines. Ugh. We hope you feel better soon so Stella can have the whole couch to herself.


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