Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WHAT doez you HAZ???



SO Worth The Effort!

And look at it this way human

It will take me moments to work off that little indulgence

But YOU on the other hand, well....

There's always New Years!

Monday, November 28, 2011


For all your well fishes for me!

I'm doing better and catching up on my sleeps

I appreciate alla y'all!

Nothing beats sun puddles directly on the belleh for quick healing

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slumberin' Sunday

Enjoy your Sunday Easy! 

Update: Kitten Kaboodle
They are all safe and at the shelter.  We will check in a few days to see their pictures online. 

Thank you all so much for the support!

It was hardest on Ellen's dad than anyone else.  He didn't like to admit he'd gotten so attached to them but I could hear the sniffling and tremors in his voice when we spoke after he left the shelter.   
No matter;   I just couldn't convince him that keeping two of the boyz woudla' been good thing for him! 

In Other News...

Our beloved Ms. Jenga is still having trouble in the bathroom area. She has had to go on more antibiotics but thankfully was giving pain medication to take home too. (With many thanks to Missie Teri for her late nite consult and paw holding!) Now both of us should be able to sleep.

I've had my fair share of bladder infections (seems us natural gingers are prone to them). They can be mild but they can also be exceedingly painful and cause you to have chills, fever, etc... So, when Ms. Jengs started meyowling during the night and spending more time in the box than out of it, I wanted to help her as fast as I could. She is home resting now and seems to be enjoying her pain medication.

While at the vets I grabbed a couple shots of two of the three cats that reside at the clinic. The first is Lucky, he's giant! And pure white, he has a gold & blue eye and he is completely deaf. He is a grumpy old man...

(as evidenced in the photo)
I know Deb will appreciate the yummyness of this gorgeous boy!

Next up is Forest. (As in Forest Gump) He is a lovely fat ginger boy whose crosseyed. I simply adore it when he looks right at you, melts me every time!
You can't tell too much here, he was hiding in the corner behind a display case trying to enjoy a bath & sun puddle and staying away from the kitten terror Mila. I held her briefly and gave her all kinds of lovin' but she is a kitten and is very, very busy so our visit was short lived and no photo ops.

Re: the Kitten Kaboodle.
Ellen & her dad were loading them all up today to take them to the shelter. They are going to a different one than El & I went to. After many hours online & on the phone I found that the other shelter is 100% no kill. So I do hope he decides to drive the extra 20 minutes to take them there. He will be making a substantial financial donation as well. (along with taking all the litter, boxes, toys & food he had purchased for them.

I will keep you posted on how it went.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Special Deal!

Be the first to AMAZE your holiday guests by trimming your tree with our pre-lit Cat Ornaments!

*not actual size

Bonus: you can reuse the ornaments for other holidays too!
Leave them up for that Once-a-Year, 'Black Tie' celebration of New Year's Eve!
This particular model would just purrrfect for a Halloween zombie theme too!
(red food coloring not pictured)

Hurry and order yours today!

Comes with a free limited** lifetime warranty!
**which means once you get it out of the box it came in, it's yours!

*tree height of minimum 12 feet recommended. Branches should be 2" diameter for best effect!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

don't know why i think of Katnip Lounge when I watch this one. But I LOL'd so many times cuz it's all true!!!

Kitten Kaboodle Update

Well kitties let me tell something to you!
Did you know that if you have cared for an animal for more than two weeks it is considered yours?
And if you try to then turn it over to the animal shelter after not being able to find a home for it yourself, they charge you. Per cat it was going to be $81.00. times 7!

So needless to say we returned the cats to the apartment. I called a friend who is a vet and she said if we could drive them the 45 minutes to the clinic where she works they will take them.

So we are going to make arrangements for Saturday to do that.
Fingers and paws crossed my darlings.

*Oh, and if you think getting one cat into a carrier when it doesn't want to go is easy, try getting 5 in one! The first couple cats went in willingly when we did the old 'toss in the treats - then close the door' trick. After that of course, the jig is up and it gets more interesting.



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oi Vey!

 so.  a couple of months ago Ellen's father found a mother cat & 6 tiny kittens outside his apartment door.  Not wanting to leave her out in the dirt, he managed to get her inside (after much blood was shed when he attempted to put the grab on her)  as her kittens were new I told him to bring them in first & she would most likely follow.  ya.  right. 
He tried calling all the rescues in our area and was told (with much regret) they had no room at that time but to check in a month or so.  Since the kittens had just been born he agreed to keep them a bit longer.  It's now been three months and we are at disaster stage (if you ask me- which I know he's not)

Well, you can see they are quite a bit older now and he has simply refused to take them to the shelter. I offered my supersize carrier a last month for this task & it was not done (you can see it in the background there).  Personally, I don't think he can do it emotionally.  It's upsetting to me as he calls and laments his problem of having all these cats but claimed that when he called the shelter they said because he had had them for nore than a week these cats were no longer 'feral' and they would charge him to take them. 

I don't get that.  I just had to take that gorgeous black house panther who was indeed feral (but friendly) a couple weeks ago.  I dropped him off which much regret but there were no questions or money required.    I told him if that truly was the problem then have his sister take a few to her shelter.  He would then not be walking in with 7 cats!  Well, here's the photo proof they are still at his apt. 

Now I believe the momcat is prego again from one of her own sons and I am angry and apalled! She's not even a year old yet.  I know in his way, he was trying to do the right thing.  But this is bad!  He had to go out of town for three days for a job and asked our daughter to come feed them while he was gone.  He knew I'd be over there too checking on them & trimming their claws since they nearly shred Ellen to death when she plays with them. He even had the nerve to tell our daughter that he 'wouldn't be heartbroken if they were gone when he returned'. 
Think he knows me? 

 At first I said absolutely not! (to my daughter)  my exact words were 'Bullshit!  Let him Man-up and take them!'  If that sounds harsh dear readers it's because I'm still living with two from the last litter he brought home ten years ago!  ...oof, sorry... I digress

I hadn't realized how bad it was till I went over there tonight with my daughter to trim their claws. (THAT was fun!)  When I saw the bellie on the momcat all big and pretty solid I can only think that she's pregnant again.  She did nothing but groom herself from her waist down the whole time we were there.  

My daughter and I will be loading them up
As adorable and charming and playful & gorgeous as they are
and taking them to the shelter. 

It breaks my heart to think they will all be immedately placed in separate cages after so long being with each other. 

look at this calico darling in the back on the right.  the siamese is on the left!
I want this one sooo badly^^^
He is ornj.
He must be in every shot because he simply will not let you alone.
He purrs on sight, his coat is so soft & slick & he comes to you instantly rolling over on his back, paws up! 
OMC give me strength! 

This one below is just gorgeous with his giant floofly paws & tail and mane!

There is also a  grey tabby and an all white with a slightly orange mask. He's the eldest & I think he is the one that may have mated with her.  He's huge! In that second shot above you can see the size difference between him and his sister the tiny tabby!

She is loving and darling and sits at the door looking out 99% of the time. 

So, the moral of this story I guess is:
When hard decisions have to be made and carried out,
It's mom's job (big surprise!)
and this mom is saying not nice things right now she won't repeat for the wee kittehs may be reading.

Wish us luck
I appreciate the support

Monday, November 21, 2011

We interrupt this blogcast...

For an important message...

Now isn't this something?
Normally I'm only in the food section.
Went to the litter box section looking for the great litter box that Miss Teri showed off
(it was goldish with an side opening and no lid...couldn't find one)
I saw the above and stopped in my tracks
This really hisses me off!
Not only is the name of the product offensive, the picture of the poor
ginger darling in the toilet really sent me over the edge (no pun intended).

Shame on you PetCo!

Just when I had such hope after seeing you installed some 'cat apartments' where homeless cats in rescue can be left there for folks to see and possibly adopt.

**And I bet you a dollar they don't have ANYTHING like this over in the pampered pooch section (which is so large it takes up half the flippin store!) I thought there were more households with cats than dogs in America, what gives?
I forgot
the clothing lines and purse section for those wee in bred elbow riders.

Cats Rule!

P.S.: when i take these crappy new nail clippers back tomorrow I'm going to get the company info on that product and write them a letter. :/ I'm sure Ms. Stella will help

How I spent the rainy weekend

One day I did this

The other day I did this
It's good to be the Queen

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday Funnee Foto From: The Gurl



That woman just got this today ^^

She just finished this last night ^^

She also did the first read thru of the book by her friend you may have read about in this previous post
and will be reading it again now with more of a critical eye.

Know that this means???
well, yes, she does have a full time job, does have an art quilt due first of December and nevermind all the other household duties she has to do BUT
What it really means to ME, and that IS the most important
is that for the next few nights we will continue in sleepy quiet bliss of reading and me napping all over the blankets she's under and if I'm REALLY lucky,

there may be more K. F. C.

you know where to find me

ya; this is why I tell her to get free books at the library, she costs too much (taking treat $ away) and reads them too fast. three books, 1600 pages in just under 8 days. She's a dork.  Good thing she doesn't do it often, I'd really be put out.

Ms. S

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'Bout Time!

That's better.
I will notify you when I am ready to eat.


for those interested; this cat tree is over 6ft tall, it weighs a ton! We got it recently at a garage sale. I only wish we would have got there sooner as they had two of them! It has really nice carpeting and the wood posts are solid 4x4's. I initially thought Miss Jengs would prefer it given she likes to be up high & the bed at the top is made for er... queensize cats. She's been up on it twice but prefers her other tower.
I was rather shocked to see Ms. Stella using it. The other day she was inside & just had her head sticking out the top hole. Naturally she knew I'd get the camera so she 'turtled' right back in.


Anti Social

Call me when the door is open, preferably close to sunrise

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

strange bedfellows

Dang! I pick up the strangest things in my furs sometimes...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday Sampler

Oh Yes, I see what you haz there. You may offer it now
Keep Feeding Cat

WELL? Where is it???
(Ms. Stella, I put it right there, three pieces, you ate them too fast)

Poppycock and Balderdash!
Make your pitiful offering again pathetic human!
(Oh for heaven's sake, here!)

hummmnnnn snarf, snort, lickity lickity snarf!
(That Woman edit: I love the perspective of this shot, One of Ms. Stella's nicknames is Mrs. BigHead!)

OH, there's some more! *crunchity crunchity*

Your offering pleases me, now begone
I must rest

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whatever, pass the treats...

There should be a law against pet labor.

That woman is being a 'beta reader' which means I have  to lay all over the table holding down papers and keeping things organized...

It is exhausting
Seeing as I'm being 'paid' in treats, I make sure she can find my mouth at all times.

Pee.Ssss. A Beta Reader is a person who gets to read a finished manuscript for the author prior to the book being forwarded to the publisher.    They look for things like grammatical errors, punctuation flaws, misspellings, plot issues.  She is one of 5 for this particular book.  She is thrilled to do this as the author is a personal friend.  An exciting time to be sure.  You can tell by my level of enthusiasm.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ideas above her station

Ms. Stella: "Just a visual to help scrapps understand the order of things."

For those who may not be able to tell them apart, Ms. Stella is on top

Monday, November 07, 2011

Rescue, Shelter or Trap & Release?

Heya guys, That Woman here with a bit of a heavy heart.

Ok, alot of a heavy heart. I had to take a stray boy into the shelter today.

He'd been comin' round & of course it's raining and he's all wet and he's meowing piteously at my back door. Seriously, look at this:

What's not to love?

He's an un-neutered male. He's under a year old. He's got a sleek all black coat. He's just darling & after he let me get close (via a can of fancy feast) he could take all the scritches I could give and in return he would provide me endless leg rubs and head bonks and tiny mews and chatter my heart could hold and then some! He would literally leap to rub up on my leg.

I checked with our vet and he said he would do the neuter for $85.00. Well since Ms. Stella's trip and then Miss Jenga's trip I was tapped out! (Miss Jenga got a bladder infection on Saturday and was seen & given antibiotics and CD prescription diet food- more on that story later...what a mess). **here she is all blissed out on the heating blanket**

There is a spay & neuter clinic (you make an appt. a month ahead of time) and then it's only $50.00. BUT, we'd still be responsible for bringing him home, giving him some after care (not a big deal with either of those really) and then turn him loose. Given that he seems attached to our backyard safety and us I doubt he'd be leaving anytime soon. He's not that wild. Problem there is none of my girls are happy & they are peeing all over the house and it's really got to stop.

The wrinkle? Well there's several, not the least of which he managed to get into a fight couple nights ago and now his left ear is kept flat to his head indicated injury and by the smell of it, infection. He also has an area of scabs on his side that he gets hissy if my searching hands get too close. Chalk up some more medical expenses we aren't prepared to meet.

Sadly, his list of 'pros' quickly turn into many 'con's that only leave the option of getting him to the shelter. There they will hopefully get him well, get him fixed and then out for adoption. He would have approximately a 30 to 40% chance at survival.

This is the decision I made.

And it breaks my heart.

The line between doing the right thing for him, not jeopardizing our own girls health, well being & future vet funds (including one foster all ready) and still trying to hold my head up instead of down in shame is not clear to me.

I wish I could save them all. They all deserve a chance.

I hate this day

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lucky Charms

Leprechauns? *..erp!...*
What leprechauns?

And yes, I am your pot of gold!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Friday, November 04, 2011

Ms. Stella Has Her Say:

Hello sweet children, let me tell you an after Meowloween scary story, MY story.

Our tail begins on a sunny morning...

In which we find me a bit under the weather from something I ate...

and the Human got whacked and did the unthinkable...

...yes, that is my pink tounge sticking out...

So this whole misunderstanding is no big deal and if the human would have only listened to me in the first place she wouldn’t have been all put out and hysterical. But more importantly, I would not have been so unceremoniously dumped in the carrier and carted off to the *oh stop being such a big baby* place.


When She got up, when went into the bathroom to check the litterbox because as she put it 'It reeeeks in here!' and she thought someone forgot to cover something. Well, what she found instead was a rather colorful yak that was particularly icky…and stinky... big deal! It’s not like I didn’t try and warn her! After all, I had got up on the bed that night, head butted her pillow like crazy, meyowled and mrrrrrt'd and what did I get for my efforts? A bleary Cyclops eye, a quick pet and then she promptly rolled over and went back to sleep!

Well, she sees the yak & and you’d think it was my brains on the carpet or something! Next she feeds us all, and The Gurl drives her to work. It’s at this point kitties that I realize there has been a major oversight. I’m still in the house. How did this happen? he doors are not open. I am not free ...I'm...trapped!

What. The. Hell.

The Gurl returns. I follow her into her cave; make my intentions known by alternately yowling and pacing and head butting her legs. All to no avail. She merely turns up her racket box and gets dressed.

After some time I became exhausted as you might guess. I went to my spot and napped. NEXT thing I know, The Gurl comes to get me “YAY" I think to myself "I’m FREE! She’s going to open the DOOR!!!” *wrong door* She gives me the ol heave-ho into the PTU. Now that I'm more awake, I’m REALLY mad! I tell her so many, many times all with different intonations and decible levels. I just use all of them as she simply refuses to acknowledge this intolerable situation! She must be deaf!

After an interminable, agonizing, unending millennia That Woman enters the vehicle. I am now in the PTU on her lap. I make know all my protestations about the treatment I have received at the hands of her spawn. She only gives me baby talk back! How RUDE! I am a skillion years older than her in human years and I feel her patronizing tone has just gone too far.

After I stop to take a breath, I hear laughter! That’s right kitties! They are laughing at me! Why? Apparently we have stopped and there’s people all looking at our car, meantime I have collected myself and my breath & start to reassert my position now that it’s quiet.

As soon as the car stops again I can smell where we are. I am not amused.

I do see the man doctor that I like so it’s not a total loss. HE at least LISTENS to me and doesn’t pet me in anyway that I don’t like. He takes me (gently) from the table & removes me from the presence of the plebeians who deem themselves my captors.

I won’t go into details about all the things that happen next but I like my doctor & he talks to me the whole time and I talk right back to him telling him if I don’t like something. He also gives me treats for being a ‘good ol gal’. See? What’s not to love?

He takes me back to room with those two clowns who profess to love me. He explains what I already know! I am purrrrrfectly healthy! There’s no bloods in my pee, (of course not, I think they sucked all the bloods outta me!) there’s no irritation near my …er… tail. I haz no bugz! HA!

And what do I get for my troubles?

That’s right; back into the PTU and back into the machine. Me hates it precious! But by this time I’m tired and wore out from my testings and I only yell at those dorks (who are chatting and laughing the entire time) every now and again.

Home to rest. *sigh*

Thanks so much for all your well fishes! I so appreciate knowing that in spite of Laurel & Hardy: there are those out there who love and care about me!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Note from That Woman

A Special Thank You to all our furriends & their humans who sent purrrrs & hugs & get well fishes! You guys and gals are the BEST!

Ms. Stella is home tonight resting.
She will tell her side of the story soon.
She has endured many tests.
We were there 2 hours.
She had yaked up something that was mucousy and really bloody & smelled terrible. I was very worried as you can imagine.
After all the tests, the vet said SHE'S FINE. All her bloods are fine; pee is clear, poop shows no bugs. He said she was in amazing shape for being 15 and aside from being a bit under weight (at 8 lbs) she's as fit as a fiddle.
So what the heck?
Maybe something she ate just didn't agree with her.

I'm so relieved. So very relieved and feel so much better knowing that she's also now had her 'old girl' check up too and that's a very good thing to have out of the way. (because I worry over that each year as well)

I can't help but add, it's just like Ms. Stella to freak me out so badly and cost me over 300 bucks to be told she's the healthiest cat around.
Cod I love her!

Added to the stress was trying to find her vet! I had to google her Dr. I called to get her in today & when his name wasn't on the voice mail I was like, what? Stella doesn't like just anyone. It's really important that your cat like your vet especially when you say things like 'anal expression'. He had left the office he worked in when we first met him (I'm so thankful for that actually but won't go into that.) I found him a mile down the road in a bright new lovely clean office with three resident cats, a burly white odd-eyed totally deaf male named Lucky, A giant ginger cross eyed boy named Forrest (Gump) and a darling all black kitten named Milagros (miracle) they call Mila. She's up for adoption. And while you can't wander to 'the back rooms' without a staff person you are free to wander the clinic where the staff are working, etc. ask questions, chat and pet the kitties. The vet techs are AWESOME! So friendly, happy and helpful! (A real change from where he was)
It's a fabulous new place for him and I'm so happy it's his. He was working in partners with three other vets at the last place and they all share the limited staff.

They do all the bloods, pees & poop tests right there.

And there's even a huge grassed, fenced area off the parking lot with chairs & such for recovering goggies to excersize their broked but fixed parts. We thought that really thoughtful of them! Dr. Horn (Stellie's Dr.) specializes in the orthoscopic stuff they use in goggies hips & such. Pawsome!

Whew! I'm wiped. Gonna put my feet up and have some dinner.
Thank you again everyone!

It means so much to us!

I'm not going to panic

but middle of the night for a yak is not that common here;

much less what was in it (I won't even try to explain-I'm still queazy)

Ms. Stella is being whisked to the vet today and I'm not going to panic.

I know she's old. Her spirit has always been such. I know someday I will

have to endure the unending grief but I don't want it to be today (or like... ever)

Will update after her visit today, promise.