Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Other News...

Our beloved Ms. Jenga is still having trouble in the bathroom area. She has had to go on more antibiotics but thankfully was giving pain medication to take home too. (With many thanks to Missie Teri for her late nite consult and paw holding!) Now both of us should be able to sleep.

I've had my fair share of bladder infections (seems us natural gingers are prone to them). They can be mild but they can also be exceedingly painful and cause you to have chills, fever, etc... So, when Ms. Jengs started meyowling during the night and spending more time in the box than out of it, I wanted to help her as fast as I could. She is home resting now and seems to be enjoying her pain medication.

While at the vets I grabbed a couple shots of two of the three cats that reside at the clinic. The first is Lucky, he's giant! And pure white, he has a gold & blue eye and he is completely deaf. He is a grumpy old man...

(as evidenced in the photo)
I know Deb will appreciate the yummyness of this gorgeous boy!

Next up is Forest. (As in Forest Gump) He is a lovely fat ginger boy whose crosseyed. I simply adore it when he looks right at you, melts me every time!
You can't tell too much here, he was hiding in the corner behind a display case trying to enjoy a bath & sun puddle and staying away from the kitten terror Mila. I held her briefly and gave her all kinds of lovin' but she is a kitten and is very, very busy so our visit was short lived and no photo ops.

Re: the Kitten Kaboodle.
Ellen & her dad were loading them all up today to take them to the shelter. They are going to a different one than El & I went to. After many hours online & on the phone I found that the other shelter is 100% no kill. So I do hope he decides to drive the extra 20 minutes to take them there. He will be making a substantial financial donation as well. (along with taking all the litter, boxes, toys & food he had purchased for them.

I will keep you posted on how it went.


  1. Purrs for Ms. Jenga. We hope she'll be 100% again very soon!

    Derry put the mom into a panic earlier today by making two VERY tiny pee clumps, in between a normal-sized pee clump, in a short span of time. (He had a bout of cystitis at the end of September, early October.) He hasn't done anything for 5 hours, though, so the mom's just watching him. Vet is closed till Monday now anyway. Do you know of a homeopathic pain med that is good for cats? Just wondering. Would be nice to have something on hand, in case of emergencies.

    Best of luck to the kitten kaboodle. We hope for the very best for them--spaying/neutering and wonderful forever homes. We'll look for an update, when you get a chance.

  2. FIRST: Big purrs for Ms. Jenga! Bladder infections are No Fun. Not to borrow trouble, but has she been x-rayed for bladder stones? 'Cause that's what Miss Grayce turned out to have after MANY MANY trips to the vet.
    SECOND: OMG is Lucky adorable! Love that tongue and big ol' paws. Sir Gump looks aptly named...
    THIRD: Fingers crossed for the kitten herd.
    That is all.

  3. Yes, I am all over the grump. I do hope all works out for Jenga. Please keep us posted on the kittens. I wish people would just spay their cats and be done with it. End of all this crap. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  4. Ah! Mommy being a ginger herself, she feels your pain! Wes is purraying that Ms Jenga gets berter soon.

  5. Purrs fur Ms. Jenga, we hopes she is all better soon. Mommy says those V-E-T kittehz are beyond adorable! Purrin fur the kitteh herd, too. xoxo

  6. Oh Ms Jenga...sweet girl. PLEASE feel all better and BE all better quickly. I'm so sorry you were hurting sweet girl. xoxoxox

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon!


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