Monday, November 07, 2011

Rescue, Shelter or Trap & Release?

Heya guys, That Woman here with a bit of a heavy heart.

Ok, alot of a heavy heart. I had to take a stray boy into the shelter today.

He'd been comin' round & of course it's raining and he's all wet and he's meowing piteously at my back door. Seriously, look at this:

What's not to love?

He's an un-neutered male. He's under a year old. He's got a sleek all black coat. He's just darling & after he let me get close (via a can of fancy feast) he could take all the scritches I could give and in return he would provide me endless leg rubs and head bonks and tiny mews and chatter my heart could hold and then some! He would literally leap to rub up on my leg.

I checked with our vet and he said he would do the neuter for $85.00. Well since Ms. Stella's trip and then Miss Jenga's trip I was tapped out! (Miss Jenga got a bladder infection on Saturday and was seen & given antibiotics and CD prescription diet food- more on that story later...what a mess). **here she is all blissed out on the heating blanket**

There is a spay & neuter clinic (you make an appt. a month ahead of time) and then it's only $50.00. BUT, we'd still be responsible for bringing him home, giving him some after care (not a big deal with either of those really) and then turn him loose. Given that he seems attached to our backyard safety and us I doubt he'd be leaving anytime soon. He's not that wild. Problem there is none of my girls are happy & they are peeing all over the house and it's really got to stop.

The wrinkle? Well there's several, not the least of which he managed to get into a fight couple nights ago and now his left ear is kept flat to his head indicated injury and by the smell of it, infection. He also has an area of scabs on his side that he gets hissy if my searching hands get too close. Chalk up some more medical expenses we aren't prepared to meet.

Sadly, his list of 'pros' quickly turn into many 'con's that only leave the option of getting him to the shelter. There they will hopefully get him well, get him fixed and then out for adoption. He would have approximately a 30 to 40% chance at survival.

This is the decision I made.

And it breaks my heart.

The line between doing the right thing for him, not jeopardizing our own girls health, well being & future vet funds (including one foster all ready) and still trying to hold my head up instead of down in shame is not clear to me.

I wish I could save them all. They all deserve a chance.

I hate this day


  1. Aww, don't feel bad. I know how you feel. We can't save efurry one. The big thing is you haf made a difference in Stella and Jenga's lives!

  2. Hugs, love, and sympathy. I know how you feel, I had to surrender a kitty once. It is awful.

  3. We know it's not easy but you can only do what is best for your girls. At least now the boy kitty is safe inside and not out getting into fights. We'll purr that the right furever family finds him soon! Hugs to you!

  4. Look at my mom !!! she only got me !!! Don't feel bad, because my mom is going to feel worst !
    Everyone of our human, I do believe they all really want to help the kitties as much as they can. But everyone have their own limit. At least you help him as much as you can. Let's purrs for him to be o.k. and have a good home in the future !
    Hugs to you

  5. Often there are no easy choices. You did the best you could, given the circumstances, and the rest is up to the Fates/the Universe. Try to be easy in your mind, at peace. We'll purr that whatever happens to this sweetie, it's for his Highest Good.

  6. We loves to love them all! But there is so many. At least this way he has a chance at a wonderful forever home with not bites or hurts.
    Yous did the right thing!

  7. We, too, really think you did the right thing even though it hurt your heart so much. Purrs to the little panther for finding a great forever home and purrs to you to ease your sadness.


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