Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kitten Kaboodle Update

Well kitties let me tell something to you!
Did you know that if you have cared for an animal for more than two weeks it is considered yours?
And if you try to then turn it over to the animal shelter after not being able to find a home for it yourself, they charge you. Per cat it was going to be $81.00. times 7!

So needless to say we returned the cats to the apartment. I called a friend who is a vet and she said if we could drive them the 45 minutes to the clinic where she works they will take them.

So we are going to make arrangements for Saturday to do that.
Fingers and paws crossed my darlings.

*Oh, and if you think getting one cat into a carrier when it doesn't want to go is easy, try getting 5 in one! The first couple cats went in willingly when we did the old 'toss in the treats - then close the door' trick. After that of course, the jig is up and it gets more interesting.




  1. We've never heard that a shelter will charge you to take a cat in! That's crazy!!

    We wish you the best getting all the cats to the vet who will take them. And we purr that they all find furever homes.

  2. $81? Times seven? Yikes!

    What's the vet clinic going to do, besides hopefully spay and neuter? Do they adopt out too? (Ours doesn't, so that's why we're curious.)

  3. They do that here too. If you take them in and feed them, they are yours. I guess we are just to leave them out in the cold to starve. It's all so appalling. Good luck with all these kittens and mom. I hope they don't put her down because she is pregnant. Do check on that. Sometimes that's all it takes.

  4. @Fuzzy; the clinic will take them in, spay & neuter then adopt them out. Only catch is they need to be friendly. Most of them are once you've sat with them for 1/2 hour or so. At first they are very skittish. It didn't take long at all for the mom cat to be up in my lap on the couch. I nearly died, she would push her head into my hand all purry and just keep on rootin! The ornj boy will stand and make muffins raising one paw up then the other. Poor things have no idea what to do with all the love they have to give! I can see why my daughter was in tears when we were at the shelter.

    @Deb. I know my friend is the one who will be doing the spay. They will abort the kittens but she will be fine.

    Wish I had a 3 story house and a giant backyard all secured. I'd have them all in heartbeat!

  5. Oh wow, the kitties are adorable but there's a lot of them! We hope the clinic is able to find homes for all of them. It's sad that momma is already pregnant again. We're sending purrs for them!

  6. We don't have a shelter here. The local one shut down as the funding dried up and they were innundated with animals when the economy did a downturn. it is so sad.
    Our vet does catch - spay/neuter - release on about 2 cats a week. When she started her practice, it was up to 6 a week. So the population is pretty even.
    Good luck!
    Nellie's Mom


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