Thursday, November 17, 2011


That woman just got this today ^^

She just finished this last night ^^

She also did the first read thru of the book by her friend you may have read about in this previous post
and will be reading it again now with more of a critical eye.

Know that this means???
well, yes, she does have a full time job, does have an art quilt due first of December and nevermind all the other household duties she has to do BUT
What it really means to ME, and that IS the most important
is that for the next few nights we will continue in sleepy quiet bliss of reading and me napping all over the blankets she's under and if I'm REALLY lucky,

there may be more K. F. C.

you know where to find me

ya; this is why I tell her to get free books at the library, she costs too much (taking treat $ away) and reads them too fast. three books, 1600 pages in just under 8 days. She's a dork.  Good thing she doesn't do it often, I'd really be put out.

Ms. S


  1. Ms S.
    Your Mommy sounds like MY mommy! She has not gots the Terry Pratchet book yet. (But she has a eye out for it) She is just about finished Neal Stephenson's Anathem. She's gots ton's o' canning to do for the Christmas Sale (pre sales are in the 4 doz range) a full time job and a doggy to finish painting. Me knows that she will be reading under the blankets and petting mes! BLISS!

  2. Darling, You *do* look an eensy little tiny bit PUT OUT.

    Buth there's the whole blanket thing to make up for it, soooo...


  3. My mommy is a bookworm too! But, as long as she doesn't furget dinner, it's all good!

  4. OMG!! I love Terry Pratchett!!!!!
    Is SNUFF good? Must download to Kindle...

    gahhhhh!!! am at work, cannot read...


  5. LOL, Trish
    Nellie's mum

    we iz all sisters!

    And yes, so far 'Snuff' doesn't disappoint (as if he ever could!)
    I'm thrilled that Discworld is alive and well and a great character (group of them actually) returns with Sam Vimes force to take a holiday in the country.

    Last night I was only on page 12 & was already LOLOLOLOLOL!

    We must all read and then discuss.

    Since there are a lot of us bookworms I'd like to open a blog where we can talk about what we are reading. I hate going online to find new books as I have no idea what's out there & what's good. Any ideas ladies?



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