Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Special Deal!

Be the first to AMAZE your holiday guests by trimming your tree with our pre-lit Cat Ornaments!

*not actual size

Bonus: you can reuse the ornaments for other holidays too!
Leave them up for that Once-a-Year, 'Black Tie' celebration of New Year's Eve!
This particular model would just purrrfect for a Halloween zombie theme too!
(red food coloring not pictured)

Hurry and order yours today!

Comes with a free limited** lifetime warranty!
**which means once you get it out of the box it came in, it's yours!

*tree height of minimum 12 feet recommended. Branches should be 2" diameter for best effect!


  1. And THIS is why we don't have a Catmas tree...

  2. MOL! We'll take two!

  3. If me has to share my tuna with it, me really has to think about it. How long is the limited time.

  4. Heh heh. We'd like us a dozen a them ornaments!


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