Monday, November 21, 2011

We interrupt this blogcast...

For an important message...

Now isn't this something?
Normally I'm only in the food section.
Went to the litter box section looking for the great litter box that Miss Teri showed off
(it was goldish with an side opening and no lid...couldn't find one)
I saw the above and stopped in my tracks
This really hisses me off!
Not only is the name of the product offensive, the picture of the poor
ginger darling in the toilet really sent me over the edge (no pun intended).

Shame on you PetCo!

Just when I had such hope after seeing you installed some 'cat apartments' where homeless cats in rescue can be left there for folks to see and possibly adopt.

**And I bet you a dollar they don't have ANYTHING like this over in the pampered pooch section (which is so large it takes up half the flippin store!) I thought there were more households with cats than dogs in America, what gives?
I forgot
the clothing lines and purse section for those wee in bred elbow riders.

Cats Rule!

P.S.: when i take these crappy new nail clippers back tomorrow I'm going to get the company info on that product and write them a letter. :/ I'm sure Ms. Stella will help


  1. I usually hate the way cats are perceived by the public. They are given such little regard even by some large companies.

  2. Mommy was totally offended! Shes and mes with yous on this!

  3. HERE HERE!! That is terrible!!!! The nerve of some Companies!

  4. We is offended, too! Mommy thinks Petco sux anyways. She says it's a necessary evil. MOl!

  5. That's just horrible!

  6. Yeah ! Shame on you, PetCo!
    When you are going to do the strike ?
    I join YOU !
    Let's sharp claws first, Get Ready " We don't want Bumb Cat ! "

  7. Totally rude and degrading! Hope you get a response to your letter! Oh, the NVRMiss litterbox is only available online or from a few vets and pet stores that stock them, mostly in Canada and a couple of east coast places. Here's a link to their website


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