Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday ManCat Mahem

With Clyde
Clyde:  "Oooo, I'm a blur, I'm a blur, betcha never seen Clyde style!"
 ::grasshopper:: "Really, you using that line from Kung Fu Panda?"
Clyde: "My tender little morsel, hop right into my mouf!"

::grashopper:: "Hey Lady!  Think ya could help a guy out?" 

That Woman: "Why certainly." 

Clyde: "AWWWW MOOOOOM, no fair!"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Easy

The Nerve of That Bird to sit there taunting me!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

*and yes Sir Spitty, you may come join me on my bench,
I have a slot open from 2 to 3pm today.

Can't wait!


Heya Kitties, Ms. Stellie here reporting from MY Backyard Bench

It's October

We haz always the 'Devil Winds' in October

October is my favorite time of year (well, when it used to be cold that is)

Each year  the 'Devil Wind' always blows something into our yard.

Since it always happens around Halloween, it's usually a scary decoration.

This year is no exception

Here it is

Likely this will be our ONLY decoration this year as The Gurl is occupied with her *first* and *new to her* new car.

That Woman will buy candy (only the kind they like) and then after seeing all the little kids in their costumes they close and latch the door, then watch "Nightmare Before Christmas' and eat any candy that didn't make it out the door
*which is usually an entire bag or two that they 'forgot' was in kitchen

Wish they'd do that with the Temptations!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hi! My Name is...

"Scrappie knock it off!"

"Scrappie for cryin' out loud!"



those are just some of the names That Woman calls me.

It doesn't bear repeating what Ms. Stella calls me
 or Miss Jenga

Sometimes even Oliver gives me a hard time and I swear Ms. Stellie put a 'hiss me' sign on my back.

That Woman said that somekitties out there didn't even know who I was

like I was hiding, but that's just my way. So
for a brief moment, here I am.

I am Miss Jack's sister
 ya, that's right, the Tuxie
she was very protective of me.
I had a brother named Scooby but 
he found a forever home somewheres else. 

I love my sister Miss Jack & we spent hours hanging out together.

You see, I'm the kinda cat that really should only haz one person but he left. I went a bit crazypants. 

I was sad (from TW: she was so sad and listless, not eating;  I thought we would lose her). I didn't understand and I would pee everywhere
and scream at Ms. Stella 
and I wouldn't even like The Gurl or That Woman no matter how hard they tried. 

That Woman was patient with me and just said 
'You need to shift your paradigm Miss Scraps, we girls gotta stick together, you'll be alright."

And I am!
It took 5 human years which is 
like a squillion cat years but I finally stopped needing medication.

That Woman is who I love best now and even though Miss Jenga gets to sleep with her only (like I used too) I'm ok, cos I can sleep in The Gurls room with Miss Jack, like when we was little. 

That Woman gets sad sometimes cos she knows I need to be with only her  but I can't be at nighttime cos Miss Jenga has to stay in her room.  But I am allowed in the sewing room and I will head butt That Woman's head till I'm silly and then she laughs and calls me 
and I meow like mad & curl up on fabric piles & just be in there because I need to remind her when to take a break. 

Since I know That Woman loves me, 
I can deal with Miss Hissy face & The Goon Squad. 


Heya HepCats Groovy LadyKits!

I wannted to show you what I did this weekend when That Woman decided to MOVE something (from one area to another) in MY backyard!

ME, I, MYSELF have this lovely weathered bench.  I like to sharpen my claws on it, I like to rub my scent all over it (well, cos it's MINE)

I do like where she has placed it all arty next to the smelly trees. 
 But after it was moved I had to re-scent the whole dang thing!

 oh this is exhausting! 
and this part right here, needs the super strong head bonk, just for good measure.

That's better, let's see, have I forgotten anything?

HEY!  WHAT The???

WHAT in the name of COD do YOU think you are doing??? Don't think I don't see you Scrappie! 
Scrappie:  "um, uh, well,  um...."  



Ollie: "I'm not touching you... chill out Doll Face"

Scrappie:  "um, well, umm, ugh..."
Ollie: "O this dirt is pawsome!"

Clyde:  "um, Missie Stellie, um...canna  I play wif yer tail?"

Ms. Stella:  "Touch that tail & you will not live to regret it!
just when I thought my work was done!
I'm outta here till the riff raff vacate MY bench!"

FINALLY, I never thought she'd leave so we could play!

Clyde: 'Yuuuyaaa!  And STAY over there!'
Ollie:  "Heya fuzzball, you gotta deathwish or somefin?"

Ollie: "Clyde! Pull my paw!"

Clyde:  "ewwwww, whadja go and do THAT for Ollie?" 

Ollie:  "HEHEHEHEHEEEE!  Oldest trick in da book!"
"Now I gotsza whole bench to myself, look mom!  I'm adorable!"
That Woman: "Oh Ollie, you sure are that!" 
Ollie: "NO KISSING when we iz outside!  I do have a reputation ya know!"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

And The Winner IS.....

 The Whiskeratti!

"Dey see me, dey be hatin'!!"
now please send via email to 
stacyhurt at rocketmail dot com
your snail mail addy 
so That Woman can send out your gift! 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Call and Signage

Heya Kitties! 

We was over at Katnip Lounge's page & saw their pawsome new sign for the catio.  So That Woman went right over and looked at all the signs and that's when the trouble started. 

We kept clicking on the different Cat signs we liked and That Woman said the only sign she would consider is this one:

I can't even look at her now I'm so disgusted.

*That Woman is laffing her (considerable) butt off and  won't even listen to us now.*

That Woman: Here is the description, It fits purrrfectly, I fail to see the problem:
"Make sure the cows stay home. Post signs to remind visitors to please close the gate and keep cattle on site."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hummmmmm?  What is this That Woman has laid before me? 

Could it possibly be...what's that I smell?  Stinky goodness???

Let me partake of a wee morsel to sample it's delectibleness.

Oh come come my darling, just a little lickity lick... don't be shy, don't be shy...

Ohhh NOMNOMNOMNOMmonomm *all four knees go week*

Thankful Thursday indeed

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Boneless Wonder and a Caption Contest!

The best caption (for the photo above) will earn the winner a special handmade prize!   The voting will end on Friday (10/19) and we will choose the winner that made us fall down & MOL the mostest.  

The rest of the photo shoot went something like this: 

The look of utter disdain cracks me up!

"Talk to the PAW"  (no slimy kissing aloud)

 Oh Cod but I'm a handsome Mankitten! I am 7 months old.  I am only allowed outside on weekends when That Freakshow with the clicky box  is outside with me.  She certainly knows how to drive off any unsuspecting prey!
How's a Mankitten to learn superior hunting skillz like Ms. Stella? 

Ms. O'Houligan's Sunday Easy