Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hi! My Name is...

"Scrappie knock it off!"

"Scrappie for cryin' out loud!"



those are just some of the names That Woman calls me.

It doesn't bear repeating what Ms. Stella calls me
 or Miss Jenga

Sometimes even Oliver gives me a hard time and I swear Ms. Stellie put a 'hiss me' sign on my back.

That Woman said that somekitties out there didn't even know who I was

like I was hiding, but that's just my way. So
for a brief moment, here I am.

I am Miss Jack's sister
 ya, that's right, the Tuxie
she was very protective of me.
I had a brother named Scooby but 
he found a forever home somewheres else. 

I love my sister Miss Jack & we spent hours hanging out together.

You see, I'm the kinda cat that really should only haz one person but he left. I went a bit crazypants. 

I was sad (from TW: she was so sad and listless, not eating;  I thought we would lose her). I didn't understand and I would pee everywhere
and scream at Ms. Stella 
and I wouldn't even like The Gurl or That Woman no matter how hard they tried. 

That Woman was patient with me and just said 
'You need to shift your paradigm Miss Scraps, we girls gotta stick together, you'll be alright."

And I am!
It took 5 human years which is 
like a squillion cat years but I finally stopped needing medication.

That Woman is who I love best now and even though Miss Jenga gets to sleep with her only (like I used too) I'm ok, cos I can sleep in The Gurls room with Miss Jack, like when we was little. 

That Woman gets sad sometimes cos she knows I need to be with only her  but I can't be at nighttime cos Miss Jenga has to stay in her room.  But I am allowed in the sewing room and I will head butt That Woman's head till I'm silly and then she laughs and calls me 
and I meow like mad & curl up on fabric piles & just be in there because I need to remind her when to take a break. 

Since I know That Woman loves me, 
I can deal with Miss Hissy face & The Goon Squad. 


  1. That was some story Miss Scraps!
    Love the photos with you and Miss Jack. Very nice to meet you.

    P.S. The lady says to tell you that even humans go "crazypants."

  2. Scrappie, your story made me a little sad and happy all at the same time. My human knows what it is like to have a cat that needs to be the only kitty - that was the cat before me. And for a number of years she got her wish and my human will always remember those times fondly.

  3. Thank you so much for filling us in and telling us your story. Like Sparkle said, it made us both sad and happy at once. That Woman and Your Gurl are the best!! We hope we get to see some more pictures of you and Miss Jack sometimes.

  4. Scrappie, you are a beautiul girlcat and I am so glad to meet you. That picture of your sweet face looking out at us made mom smile.

    I am so glad you have Miss Jack to snuggle, sweet girl. And that you have TW and The Gurl. You are a precious dear gift and while you have special needs, you more than "make up" for that with your dear loving ways...even thpugh it took a squillion years to make you feel safe. xoxoxox always sweetheart. My mom and I love you already.

  5. I am happy to hear you are doing much better and I sure did enjoy your photos!

  6. It's always fascinating to know the stories of our furriends. And we think those are pawsome pics, especially the snuggled together ones.

  7. Have a great weekend!

  8. Scrappie-doll, Our May Ling is the same way. Mommy feels bad because ML always has scabs and scratches from the rest of us. Tell That Woman to give you some EXTRA lubbins from us.

  9. You are a sweet girl Scrappie. We love the pictures of you snuggling with Miss Jack.We are glad you are doing well now.

  10. Hi Scrappie! Thanks for telling us your story. We guess there's hope for Zoey...she needs to shift her paradigm.

  11. Hi sweet girl! You is so pretties. I know just how you feel. Even though I dint get 'bandoned or nuffing, I was/am a very high strung difficult kitteh and it has taken me eight long years to really feel totally happy and comfertabuls here with my Human. Sometimes it's just hard for us. You look wonderful and happy now--your Mommy is the Best Mom Ever! XOXOXO Come out and say hello once in awhile--when Ms. Stella is feeling generous, that is.

  12. Ms Scaps! Me thinks yous is one wonderful cat! So there!

  13. What a special kitteh you are, Scrappie. You are most beautiful and we are so happy you have a loving, happy home. XOXO

  14. Well Scrappie-sweetie , you have something in common with Esme. She would love to be the only cat too. She loves Mitalee but she would love to have a great, grand bonfire for the kittenbabies, and they would sit smack in the middle of it of course! What is worse is that Levon loves to chase and torment her because he is jealous that Emse gets to sleep in LP's arms every night. Sigh. If only LP had known!! Cat politics :(

    We are glad that your Mama "gets" you though and we are certain she gives you lots of special cuddles :)

    the critters in the cottage xo


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