Saturday, October 27, 2012


Heya Kitties, Ms. Stellie here reporting from MY Backyard Bench

It's October

We haz always the 'Devil Winds' in October

October is my favorite time of year (well, when it used to be cold that is)

Each year  the 'Devil Wind' always blows something into our yard.

Since it always happens around Halloween, it's usually a scary decoration.

This year is no exception

Here it is

Likely this will be our ONLY decoration this year as The Gurl is occupied with her *first* and *new to her* new car.

That Woman will buy candy (only the kind they like) and then after seeing all the little kids in their costumes they close and latch the door, then watch "Nightmare Before Christmas' and eat any candy that didn't make it out the door
*which is usually an entire bag or two that they 'forgot' was in kitchen

Wish they'd do that with the Temptations!


  1. OMC if we saw that on the ceiling we'd wet our fur trousers!
    Our peeps give out pencils and mini flashlights...we only got 12 kids last year.

  2. Arghhh! That is scary! We hope we don't have nightmares now.

  3. Jeez! EVERYONE here, humans included, would freak out if that thing blew into the yard!

    The humans here don't give out candy on Halloween. I told them it was okay by me if they gave out Greenies treats, but they did not like my idea - can you imagine?

  4. Has it dissapeared now ??
    So I can take my paw away from my eyes ??

  5. Halloween! If it is nice, Mommy will gets the decorations out. 2 years ago we had an ax murder in our yard. and the GSI (Ghost Investigation Service) was all over the yard!
    wes had 115 kids! That is incredible as there is only like 60 kids in our whole town! But all the farm kids come into town for trick or treat. The kids here is so polite, they comes to the door and says, "Oh we was here earlier, we brought our friends to see!"
    Last year Daddy was in the hospital, but mommy did manage a hanging and a cemetary.

  6. Wow, we hope that thing blows out as fast as it blew in!!

  7. " any candy that didn't make it out the door
    *which is usually an entire bag or two that they 'forgot' was in kitchen."
    Heh, heh.

    That ghoulie doesn't scare me. He's tied to the ceiling.

  8. I would like to come down there to SOCal and share your Bench, Ms. Stellie. I saw you let Ms. Scarppie on it. Would I be allowed to take just a brief nappi with you? I promise I won't pee on it or anyfing.


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