Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fair Warning

 Last evening, That Woman & The Gurl were out 
in my yard laughing and playing with the racquety things and MY yellow flipities.  They were havin such a good time I didn't mind at first. But then: I noticed they kept hitting the danged things into the trees!  HULLO??  Oh sure, they'd laugh all silly like at each other and say things like 'my fault!' and  'sorry' but kittehs! were they apologizing  to ME? for taking my beloveds & lobbin them up into the fruit tree?  The ONLY tree I don't venture in for fear of another Mockingbird incident? I think NOT!  In addition... They had to search for some to play with in the first place  cos the last one out  got eated by the lawnmower man!  It was horrifying and I won't relay the gorey details here cos there is bb kittehs readin... I will only say that ALL that was left of my precious was tiny yellow bits scattered around the yard! 

So; I've put a protective force-field around this one.  A girl needs her beauty rest after all .  This way I can keep it safe while I catch up on my zzzzz's. 

besides, That Woman has been rather lax in the manicures lately so if anyone even so much has thinks about makin off with this they will face the razor sharp claws of DOOM!


Happy Friday HepCats!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Relationship

Ahhhh, here I am on a rainy Sunday afternoon

spoiled for choice

Ms Stella says: "Oh I'm sorry scrappy cat. tsk tsk; sorry;  
There's simply no room at the Inn!"

*Note from That Woman:  What you can't see is that it's actually raining lightly out there and Miss Scrappie didn't come in even after I called her so she's sort of masochistic that way.* 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Garden Walk Finale

Gardening schmardening

THIS is the only thing she needs to take a picture of!

Prettiest Flower OF THEM ALL!


I protect my things with my lazer vision.

MOOOOOM! Tell Stellie to turn off her lazers!  I wasn't even LOOKING at her that time!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Garden Walk Part 2

Ok; went back a bit later.  Not as much sun but still quite lovely.

Couple more giant Iris

This is the street strip.  You can see the fence that blocks all viewing pleasure for the keeper of this lovely area.  Only the walkers, and folks driving by get to see this lovely oasis! She's added the pineapple bird feeder!  It's so lovely!  It's loaded with my favorite flower; Poppies!

I think the seed heads are just wonderful!

A bit further along the street; there is this lovely patch.


A good friend of mine grows these.  What you can't see are the lovely stone pillars and between each 8 foot section is white plastic picket fencing.  These sweet pea monsters grow thru, and up it till it's covered.  I am not stooping down here; they are shoulder height!

On the way home; this house has a cat that reminds me so much of Ms. O'Houligan I'd swear they were separated at birth. Both love being outdoors and both are so beloved that they are under snoopervision at all times while enjoying the sun, dirt, bugs, birds, and anyone else stopping by.  That darn pawparazzi is everywhere!

This face reminds me of a Lynx or Bobcat.  The white spots are fur not sunlight. I would so love to touch him but (as with Ms. O'Houligan) it's absolute hands off to strangers!  (Thank goodness, there are many cat-collectors out there who prey on kitties who are human social and outdoors)

El's rosebush in our back yard.  Miss Jack & Miss Scrappy love coming out to help me water.

While Miss Jenga prefers the dark, warm garage! Go Figure!

yes; this is our messy garage!  But my car does fit which is SO un~SoCal!

Ms. Stella was chillin inside on her woobie
Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday

Miss Jack: "And just where do they think they're going?'  Miss Scrappy: "Leaving us here to starve no doubt."   

That's right girls; me & el are headed out for our walk today; we can't take our kitties but we can take our CBfriends along. 

We try to do 3 or 4 miles but today we will be stopping to take photos so it won't be that long.

I adore Iris; there are an abundance in our neighborhood from folks who've grown them over the years and when the homes change hands it's interesting to see where the errant bulb pops up.  This beauty was all alone in the midst of the ubiquitous day lilies.  (makes we want to do some 'midnight thieving gardening')

This photo doesn't do these lovelies justice.  You can spot this color from blocks away!

This photo was taken looking up into these pretties.  They are called angel bells or some such.  The flowers hang down facing the ground.  But the fragrance is enough to knock you over from 3 houses away! I'm told the hummers will float right up in those long tubes (3 to 4"!) for the nectar.

This guardian kitty overlooks the side yard of a street we walk down where the woman takes the city strip outside their 5ft fence & plants all wildflowers each year.  It's just gorgeous and given that she doesn't have the pleasure of even seeing it from her own windows I think she's the bomb!

The photo I took of the garden wasn't the best; I'll take a better one and post it.   I didn't want to disturb this lovely kitty who didn't move but you could tell if you dared look him/her in the eyes, he would have bolted!

 I loved seeing this leaning up on a  low fence.  It gave el & I a lively discussion concering dreams.  I asked rhetorically if they were referring to the dream you have where you are walking thru the mall naked and el got all hissy and simply clucked her tounge at me.  She attempted to enlighten me that they meant the dreams you have that are more like 'goals'  I just laughed and said; "well, they don't make THAT clear"  to which she replied that "not everyone is so literal minded".  I said "No, they aren't but isn't it more fun to haul those lofty folks off their high and mighty perches once in awhile?"   She didn't answer.  Sometimes I don't think she takes me seriously...

Anyhow; this gorgeous creature is new.
and clearly had no inhibitions to two total strangers stopping  by for chat and some rubbs.  He was such a unique color, dark brownish on top and his entire undercoat is light greys.  His beautiful golden eyes can be seen from quite aways off given his dark mask.  Such a lover with a tiny squeak of a meow.  Heart melting. 

It is a Good Friday indeed!  Got out of work early, got a great walk in and got to visit some lovely kitties along the way! 

Hope your day is wonderful!

Ever get the feeling?

We are being openly mocked?

for those who aren't spider squeamish; click on photo to enlarge. These little gems are quite beautiful and hairy! Note the lovely blue/green eyes.  This one's about the size of a dime; I find it odd that we have there here given they prefer more wet or tropical environments.  Just goes to show how ridiculous SoCal gardeners can be making the desert a tropical paradise! (not mine of  course) They are fast but move jerkily owing to the fact that they are jumping spiders. That little factoid has made my daughter refrain from capturing them in our tried and true method of a glass and piece of card-stock and freeing them back outdoors.  Now she just calls me to do it or leaves them to their ceiling explorations.  From what I read; their bites are painful but not anything close to my favorites the Black Widows. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maniacal Monday

Ohhh; this looks like the perfect place for an ambush

OOOOOOO Scrapppppyyyyyy  CaaaaaaaaAAAAT!


Uh Oh... I know that voice... think I'll head back in the house till she gets over herself 


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Cartoons

How many times 
Do I gotta tell her? 
You want a pic of me? 
You feelin' lucky? 


I have freckley lips( if you biggify the photo you can see) She thinks they are too cute
so I lure her to lay on the grass in front of me
*snickers* this oughta be good!

 I look right at her while she's er...descending and then ...  adjusting
(laying flat on the ground chest side down is for her, there is further adjusting....)  
I wait patiently and stare right at her (and the camera)!

All set?  Ok, Ready, Set? Go!

Oh whoops!  sorry, there was a ... bug  or something moved anyway...

ok, I'm looking right at you now; see my beautiful face and intent stare right at your face?

 try again...


Did you SEE THa?
uh oh...
 oops.. sorry... Ok, this time really, 

er.. NO I don't think this is funny.
Looks like I have a hat!

Not even a cute one by Sammy & Andy's mum
but some lame-o trailer trash version...

Can't you simply do anything right Woman?   *sigh* 

Times up; I gotta get to the back yard; the towhee is calling me...

MOL!  Kittehs; it's so fun to torture Her, I mean, she is OLD and so getting up and down from a prone position is the funniest thing to watch.  

Hope your cartoon channels are workin' for y'all today too! 

Happy Sunday!

My favorite game!

An awesome Caturday indeed!

That woman found me here

and she remembered my favorite game


see my favorite ^^^toy right there

it was made for me special by Perrio & Mile's mum 

I'm pretending right now that it doesn't interest me in the slightest

as a C.A.T. that's my job to be stealthy and lure my prey in closer 

for the game!
AACK! where'd it GO?


my fiendish foe!  I haz you NOW!

Keeping one single claw on it before the bitey! 

 this pic is dark but if you click you can biggie it and see my paws holding it from escape- my nose is resting on it right before....

(due to the graphic nature of the next photo of the dreaded bitey; the photo was removed out of respect for the squeamish)

The shroud of Jenga

Time for napping now  

Have a fruitful Caturday!