Friday, April 22, 2011

Garden Walk Part 2

Ok; went back a bit later.  Not as much sun but still quite lovely.

Couple more giant Iris

This is the street strip.  You can see the fence that blocks all viewing pleasure for the keeper of this lovely area.  Only the walkers, and folks driving by get to see this lovely oasis! She's added the pineapple bird feeder!  It's so lovely!  It's loaded with my favorite flower; Poppies!

I think the seed heads are just wonderful!

A bit further along the street; there is this lovely patch.


A good friend of mine grows these.  What you can't see are the lovely stone pillars and between each 8 foot section is white plastic picket fencing.  These sweet pea monsters grow thru, and up it till it's covered.  I am not stooping down here; they are shoulder height!

On the way home; this house has a cat that reminds me so much of Ms. O'Houligan I'd swear they were separated at birth. Both love being outdoors and both are so beloved that they are under snoopervision at all times while enjoying the sun, dirt, bugs, birds, and anyone else stopping by.  That darn pawparazzi is everywhere!

This face reminds me of a Lynx or Bobcat.  The white spots are fur not sunlight. I would so love to touch him but (as with Ms. O'Houligan) it's absolute hands off to strangers!  (Thank goodness, there are many cat-collectors out there who prey on kitties who are human social and outdoors)

El's rosebush in our back yard.  Miss Jack & Miss Scrappy love coming out to help me water.

While Miss Jenga prefers the dark, warm garage! Go Figure!

yes; this is our messy garage!  But my car does fit which is SO un~SoCal!

Ms. Stella was chillin inside on her woobie
Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. HOLY COW!!! Those Sweet Peas are incredible. We had a huge wildflower garden back in Illinois and it was a joy to watch it throughout the seasons. What a wonderful walking route you have.
    xx Trish

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Gorgeous flowers and beautiful, sweet kitties. Happy Easter have a fun and safe weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. My favorite things!
    Flowers and kitties! These are beautiful photos,thanks for sharing.

  4. Everything sure is beautiful! Happy Easter everyone!!!

  5. Happy Easter. Your neighborhood is beautiful.
    The kitties in your neighborhood are also quite lovely. Mom likes to go on long walks too.
    Bonks to all of you - if you can get your car into your garage, it does not matter what else is in there. Here in No Va, we have a few neighbors that have full garages and they park out on their drive. That is just dumb... I mean if you have a garage you should be able to park in it.

    bonkiebonks Missie Stellapooftiger

  6. My mommy will be very happy to walk along your street..So Many flowers and all are beautiful.

    And Me, I'm so happy to see you all today, Good time for me to say " Happy Easter " : )

  7. What lovely photos! Springtime is so beautiful :)

  8. Such pretty flowers and adorable kitties in your neck of the woods! Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!


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