Saturday, April 09, 2011

Daily Lessons


 (I'll give you a moment to biggefy my gorgeous self, go ahead; you know you want to)

Today That Woman was so relaxed that she ate her breakfast outside with me.  I LOVE to be outside and really enjoy it when she's outside with me too.  
I just don'ts ever tell her or I'd never be able get all the spit off my head from her gob!

So she espied me doing what I do best.  
(hoooray for Her to learn how to puts the writing on dem like Puddy's mum!)

This bird is a California Towhee (this is either the female or male one of a pair that has come to our loquat tree for fruits)
 the above pic is mid fluff.
Here it is espying ME! 

I'm ignoring
So then She comes out to look at flowers 

for size :)
heehee!  So tiny & blue & yellow!  

Under my plant I am strategically placed you can see the hanging feeder to the right

Little male purple housefinch.  Yes, they are called Purple, even though they are Red.  Don't asks us; we don'ts know what the ottoadiou,  bird people were thinking!

So even Jenga got to come out and enjoy some sun; though she meyowls the whole flippin time!  
 You can tells she's not wild at all or she'd be quiet and stealthy like me
the Great Huntress (retired)
Oh fer! Seriously MOM?

Anyways; heres a very short vid of me enjoying the grass.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  1. How you can ignore that bird !!!!
    Look so fat and Yummy ! and I think that's the right size for mouth full !!!!

  2. Oh so warm & inviting..
    Myst & I are quite envious...

  3. Miss Stella, you scare me, I would not be able to find you in your hiding spot and be panicked, you make a great huntress hiding like that! You have to teach Jenga the wonders of the great outdoors so she can enjoy it like you do!

  4. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Ha ha!
    Scott bought a hanging feeder for the birds and we LOVE watching it all day!
    Oliver and Ruby

  5. Anonymous6:38 AM

    We are so happy you got to enjoy some time in the grass. We heard the birds singing in the video. Looks like a wonderful day of sunshine and fun at your place. Enjoy! Hugs and nose kisses

  6. It is very exciting for me (a city cat who never gets to go outside) to see you being so stealthy near those fat delicious snacks. Mmmmmmm.


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