Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools

It's so hard

You try, you know? 

As the 'mom'

And what thanks is there?

You wake up to this

What the?

*puts glasses on*



A bit of fun

now to round up the usual suspects for questioning...

"Ja.... well, ya; ok it wasn't you... "

"Miss Stella, what is the meaning of this?"
"not now... I'm busy...can't you see??? put yer glasses on Woman!" 


"Um, Miss Jenga?  I know you are mostly in your room or your tower but you didn't by
chance happen to see anything 'unusual' this morning have you?"

Miss Jengs: "Well my dear, I do have to watch you change clothes. I'm afraid I am a poor judge of 'unusual' after bearing witness to that."  


Now where is that Scrappy cat????  



  1. MOL!! Miss Jenga, that was a little rude (but totally applicable in our mom's case). Miss Stacy, we hope you find the culprit. And we hope you didn't eat that tail - somecat was saving it for later!

  2. Funny, funny! Happy April One.

  3. OMC, mommy laffed and laffed and laffed some more!!! She loved what Miss Jenga said as I would have said the same to momma if she asked me that same question.

  4. And the tails are the best part, too!

    mmmmmmmmm, spiney.

  5. I think they were all in it together. Yes, I think so! It's a clear conspiracy--I mean, just LOOK at them!

  6. Hey Kittehs! Where you been? Is your servant slacking off?


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