Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning, sort of

It's a hard thing to do sometimes,
take cleaning windows for example.  
See these 'clouds' on the glass? (you may need to embiggen the photo)

And here on the other window

Those are cat nose prints
left by Mr. Larry (awwwww)
He would sit there and yowl at me while I sat
in the swing and ate my lunch.

I'm not sure I'm ready to clean them off just yet


  1. Do you notice something ? My mom never take a photo of our windows : )..hee..heh..heh...That's the trick !

  2. I love nose prints. I love paw prints. (that was mommy writing)

    Ms. O'Houligan, tell mommy when my mommy made her transition to the iMac she lost your mommy's address. If YOUR mommy still has it, please ask her to send MY mommy an email so MY mommy can write her about the fountain.

  3. Without nose prints, a window is just plain, boring glass! =^..^=

  4. It's sure hard to erase those last things that are physical reminders.

    Miss Stella, thank you for your support. Maybe I should take your advice. My method of sticking around like "I do what I want!" hasn't worked out so well for me...

    Your suffering friend, Zoe

  5. Nose prints are home decor!

  6. My Human "doesn't do windows." Trouble is, nobody else does them for her. Well, I can SORT OF still see out....


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