Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bengal Mystique

I encourage you to click this image; and click again to full size.  What strikes me most about Bengals is the bridge of their nose; while most cats' bridges go straight down from the eyes; notice the elegant flare out under the eyes and back in to the nose.  She's so lovely and her fur is softer than silk. 

And with a face like that, is it any wonder she gets away with murder?  Case in point... Here's me laying out a commissioned T-Shirt quilt; trying to make a pleasing design given the materials*.And where is the Bengal?

*the shirts alone; the background will most likely be all black.  Since there was catnip all over the danged carpet & the teen was asleep on the couch I didn't have the heart to get out the giant sucky thing so I just laid my duvet cover down and set to work.  The minute she heard the 'whoumpf' of the coverlet being laid out; she was on it like a rocket!   It's hell to make the bed too! But she is so dang cute when she flies up and lays as flat as she can under the fitted sheet~

No idea why someone wouldn't want to adopt her.


  1. Well, I am NOT a Bengal, but I got in big trouble for doing that stuff. If you (or my mom) don't want a cat divebombing your work, you (or my mom) should not do it on the floor. 'Nuff said.

    Love, Zoe

  2. My Mom doesn't sew much any more, but recently she was working on some window valences. Well, of course, I had to get right in there with the project on her lap. The only part she got to do in peace was measuring and pressing on the ironing board. I stay away from those.

    Bengals have such character!

  3. Bengals ARE absolutely stunning creatures...but ALL cats possess the ability to commit "crimes" that make us crazy and all they have to do is look at us and we melt!

  4. She iz a Pretty Baby ~ and she lookz like she getz away with just aboutz efurythin, like i do ^..^ Purrrz~

  5. My two Abys are just like that. If I don't want them on the bed when I am making it in the morning I can't make any bed sheet noise. Otherwise they're right in the middle. Helping.


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