Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Many Moods Of Miss Jack

As previously slandered stated Miss Jack likes to sleep. 

 A          Lot

Naturally, being of the feline pursuasion; this is her natural state of being
and she's really good at it
and it's adorable

But she is capricious our muse and does upon rare occasion exhibit other  catittudes

the wrist

the "OMC it's Nature! It's ON ME, GET IT OFF!!!"

The Joker

The vicious Lion Hunter!

The paw to forehead *typically seen after she's watched Scrappy attemtpt a triple back flip off the arm of the couch*

The EMO for her album cover

*gratuitious cute pink & black nose*
And finally

The Wild!

how did that get in here?

"HEY!  I COULD SUE!!!  I DO NOT resemble a...a...  
whatever that was...

That's Defamation of Character that is!

I demand a formal retraction & apology!"

Oh jeez Miss Jack; such a drama queen!  At least we didn't use the flash!  MOL!


  1. I love your moods, Miss Jack
    Especially " The Joker " Funny Face's expression !
    Live with you never been bored : )

  2. Great photos. Now I know a little more about her.

  3. Ohhhhh hehehehe
    girls are always having drama
    Mom thinks it is a good thing.
    Miles and I keep our bonkbonk drama inside -- or have a wrestle or two.

    Missie Jack, you are a pritty tuxie girl

  4. Miss Jack's pink and black nose is pretty terrific, as are her many moods.

  5. The pink and black nose is too cute for words!!!

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Now we thinks those are some very good mood and attitude shots. You are pretty no matter what mood you are in. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Oh Miss Jackie, you don't look happy in that last shot!

  8. Hiddy Ho!! So nice of you to drop by my place. I'm liking what I see here, maybe I'll kick up my paws and have a look around... Please come by my place anytime.


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