Saturday, March 26, 2011

Somewhat of a Springy Sunday

Enjoying my 'One Perfect Moment' roses; the orange geraniums; the last of my clivia and fresh rosemary (from my bush in the backyard that is over 4 ft tall) as well as some asparagus fern.  

The stained glass window was made for me by my stepmother, Milli.  
It's about 2 1/2 ft wide & 2 1/2 ft tall to give you some perspective.

In her old home she had made 4 panels that were 5 ft long and maybe 24" wide.  In one of them was a unicorn; it must have had over 200 pieces to it and some of the pieces came out from the glass in a three d effect spilling florets from the unicorns feet outward.  She has it stashed somewhere in her garage.  Breaks my heart not to see it as it was meant to be seen; with all the glory of the sun coming in behind it lighting up so beautifully. 


  1. As long you feel good, All are great !
    Have a lovely day : )

  2. That is beautiful. I have always dreamed of having such a thing,

  3. The stained glass is lovely - the flowers too!

  4. Not only are the flowers beautiful, that stained glass is gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful stained glass and pretty flowers too! Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. That stained glass is lovely, but why isn't it a kitteh? MOL!

    Sad about the unicorn....can you "rescue" it??


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