Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tuxie Toes

My Little Poem

I ain't saying She she's obsessed
or anything as dark as that
but the woman can't keep her lips
of each of my pearly white spats

They are sweet as candy to Her
smooth and tender and pink
She would kiss them endlessly if I let Her
But that would drive me over the brink

BACK! Get BACK Woman, 
fiendish wanton you are
stow your horrid  fetish
or you'll find your brains in a jar!

That's what happens you see
it's so sad but no less true
when humans get too much of dem feets
they can wind up all dead 
 and black 
and blue

Miss Jack (Skellington)


  1. "BACK! Get BACK Woman,
    fiendish wanton you are
    stow your horrid fetish
    or you'll find your brains in a jar!"

    MOL!!!!! That is my favorite verse!! Great poem! Have a great day!

  2. MOL! Our human has a paw fetish too, though we don't tolerate it well. :-P

    Nicki and Derry @ Fuzzy Tales

  3. MISS JACK! My mom can't keep her lips OFF my paws! Kisses all the time I allow it. Drives me crazy. She kisses the pads all the time too. She says she ain't dead yet and she doesn't care where my pads were..she's kissing them.
    We have a sometimes routine. When I want to wake her at the wrong time, I place my delicious perfect paw on her mouth. She's done for.

  4. MOL! Poor Miss Jack! Our mommy doesn't have a paw fetish and we hope she doesn't get any ideas though!


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