Monday, March 07, 2011

All Kinds of Squee~

Hey'a KitKats! 

Wanted to share something way coolio!  Back in November I had an art show (as y'all know from my art blog) While I was there that day we wandered around to some of the other galleries there.  My good friend Vickie Valdez and I found a gallery that was featuring her lovely bottles.  I had purchased one of hers without knowing she was the artist!!!LOL  She makes these cool bottle vases and then makes necklaces and hangs them around the bottle.  I chose this one.  You can see why.

yes; it's a wee purse and it opens!
(I bought it immediately at that) 

I've decided 
When it's Ms. Stella's time to move on to her next journey;
some of her furs will tuck safely inside here.

While we were at that gallery they were having a silent auction
Vickie bid first on this item; then I bid.  We joked with each other about it but knew since the auction didn't officially close for awhile we were sure we'd be outbid.  And quite honestly, with her being a Vet and all I figured she'd go back discreetly without me & up her bid for it.  She never did.  The auction closed and we heard nothing. 

Then last weekend when my week coudln't have gotten any worse; I got a call from the gallery; I had won the item and sadly they had misplaced my information and only found it that day.  Four months later.  They mailed it to me and here it is. 

A Steampunk Polymer clay cat pin.  The whiskers are long and soft; not hard wire.  Since I'm a total steampunk chick this makes me squee big time!  Check out the wee flywheel on his nose!!


  1. Those are real cool items!

  2. Both vase and face are quite awesome! What a nice belated purresent!

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Very nice bottle and that little purse is cool. Hugs

  4. extremely unique! I love things that are unique, beautiful!

  5. Wow all are impressive !!!

  6. A steampunk CAT!?! I'm in raptures!

    xx trish

  7. The Human and me both lubz the pin but we have to confess: We don't unnerstand this steampunk thing. Huh? I guess we better go google.

  8. A purse! That is so cool...
    :) yay, a steam punk girl


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