Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Relationship

Ahhhh, here I am on a rainy Sunday afternoon

spoiled for choice

Ms Stella says: "Oh I'm sorry scrappy cat. tsk tsk; sorry;  
There's simply no room at the Inn!"

*Note from That Woman:  What you can't see is that it's actually raining lightly out there and Miss Scrappie didn't come in even after I called her so she's sort of masochistic that way.* 


  1. We think your Woman is trained up RIGHT! Just look at all the thoughtfully placed blankies on every available surface.

    Scrappie is clearly crazypantz.

  2. Ha ha ha! Somekitties don't know enough to come in from the rain, eh? Well, plenty'o'blankies to go around!

  3. Miss Scrappie, No one understand you, But I do
    I do sometime too !

  4. Oh Ms Stella, you rule... and rock! (Theese ones look like great snoozin' spots, I like the choice factor!)


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