Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Cartoons

How many times 
Do I gotta tell her? 
You want a pic of me? 
You feelin' lucky? 


I have freckley lips( if you biggify the photo you can see) She thinks they are too cute
so I lure her to lay on the grass in front of me
*snickers* this oughta be good!

 I look right at her while she's er...descending and then ...  adjusting
(laying flat on the ground chest side down is for her, there is further adjusting....)  
I wait patiently and stare right at her (and the camera)!

All set?  Ok, Ready, Set? Go!

Oh whoops!  sorry, there was a ... bug  or something moved anyway...

ok, I'm looking right at you now; see my beautiful face and intent stare right at your face?

 try again...


Did you SEE THa?
uh oh...
 oops.. sorry... Ok, this time really, 

er.. NO I don't think this is funny.
Looks like I have a hat!

Not even a cute one by Sammy & Andy's mum
but some lame-o trailer trash version...

Can't you simply do anything right Woman?   *sigh* 

Times up; I gotta get to the back yard; the towhee is calling me...

MOL!  Kittehs; it's so fun to torture Her, I mean, she is OLD and so getting up and down from a prone position is the funniest thing to watch.  

Hope your cartoon channels are workin' for y'all today too! 

Happy Sunday!


  1. Now Miss Stella O, we love your freckled lips but don't ya think it's kind of mean to make your mommy go through all those contortions and then close your mouth? Uh we weren't going to mention it but yeah it kinda does look like you're wearing a rose hat! MOL!

  2. ha ha ha! We think the geranium hat is funny! Are you sure your Woman didn't plan that? Cuz were are sorta totally sure she DID!

    pee ess: We got our card and we LOVE it! Mommy is going to frame it and hang it in our spiffy bright kitchen...THANK YOU! We will post about it soon...

  3. That is so cute! It really does look like you are wearing a hat!!!

  4. Ha ha ha! You are a kitteh after my own heart! There's nothing--and I mean NOTHING--I enjoy more than waiting till the very-last-second--and whoosh! Head turn!

    The geranium hat is a keeper, though.


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