Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ever get the feeling?

We are being openly mocked?

for those who aren't spider squeamish; click on photo to enlarge. These little gems are quite beautiful and hairy! Note the lovely blue/green eyes.  This one's about the size of a dime; I find it odd that we have there here given they prefer more wet or tropical environments.  Just goes to show how ridiculous SoCal gardeners can be making the desert a tropical paradise! (not mine of  course) They are fast but move jerkily owing to the fact that they are jumping spiders. That little factoid has made my daughter refrain from capturing them in our tried and true method of a glass and piece of card-stock and freeing them back outdoors.  Now she just calls me to do it or leaves them to their ceiling explorations.  From what I read; their bites are painful but not anything close to my favorites the Black Widows. 


  1. Oh my gosh I'm afraid I couldn't bring myself to enlarge, I am spider squeamish without a doubt. Once on holiday in Maui I saw the most gigantic spider in the beach house we were renting. It was like a mouse with legs, to this day I have never seen anything like it {{{THUD}}}.

    Hi, sorry, mum just passed our from the memory - LOL!


  2. Oh, no, no, no...Spiders are the one thing the mom can't stand. We don't even eat them, much to her dismay!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Around my house we got some spider look similar to this one but brown. Some time, it's sneak into my house but that's a dumb idea : )
    Because all of us ( excepted my sister ) will kill them. Last night my dad just killed one and I was very disappointed because I supposed to do it !
    In here, they said you should not kill it all , just the one which is dangerous ( if you got bite , you can be dead ) but we don't know which one can cause of dead so we kill it all !!! We are pretty bad , I know. But it's better to let my sis scream, I think

  4. We love spiders but our mommy doesn't like them at all so we weren't allowed to biggify it. She's a party pooper.

  5. At first we didn't think that was a real spider, ha ha ha ha! What a "face"!

    You know, I think I'm gonna look into that "Have you fed your cat today" shirt, MOL!


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