Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fair Warning

 Last evening, That Woman & The Gurl were out 
in my yard laughing and playing with the racquety things and MY yellow flipities.  They were havin such a good time I didn't mind at first. But then: I noticed they kept hitting the danged things into the trees!  HULLO??  Oh sure, they'd laugh all silly like at each other and say things like 'my fault!' and  'sorry' but kittehs! were they apologizing  to ME? for taking my beloveds & lobbin them up into the fruit tree?  The ONLY tree I don't venture in for fear of another Mockingbird incident? I think NOT!  In addition... They had to search for some to play with in the first place  cos the last one out  got eated by the lawnmower man!  It was horrifying and I won't relay the gorey details here cos there is bb kittehs readin... I will only say that ALL that was left of my precious was tiny yellow bits scattered around the yard! 

So; I've put a protective force-field around this one.  A girl needs her beauty rest after all .  This way I can keep it safe while I catch up on my zzzzz's. 

besides, That Woman has been rather lax in the manicures lately so if anyone even so much has thinks about makin off with this they will face the razor sharp claws of DOOM!


Happy Friday HepCats!


  1. HEY! We want some flipities! Those look like a riot.

    We must speak to Mommy IMMEDIATELY. And your Humans better cease and desist with yours.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Really! What is RONG wif your Humans!! How DARE they play with flippities that (a) are not theirs to play with, and (b) are now LOST to you up in some TREE?

    Pfft. I'd carry that one to a seckrit place and never let them see it again.

  3. Miss Stella, perhaps your mom needs to get a second job so she can afford to buy herself her own toys.

  4. Hey, remember, those trees are there for a reason, to give shelter for things like that!!!

  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Good for get 'em good if they dare to try and get your flipity...the nerve of them knocking your flipities in the fruit tree anyway where the mockingbird goes. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Oh! I am deeply scandalized! The sheer nerve that took to do that to you in front of you! I call it harassment. I am going to call the Bureau of Feline Affairs!!! I'll get that straightened out immediately. You're my hero and I am not allowing such liberties to be taken.

    AND I have already taken your most excellent advice. When she vacuums and gets the carpet all laying on one dorection..oh, I wait till night night time and then..I DO go crazypants all over it. I do. My tiny prints are EVERYWHERE..all along the carpet up to the walls..everywhere in the middle and just under the furniture..oh, this place is a print jungle. I also leave furs. And little pieces of kibble. Life is good.

    (I hope that item was not broken when it got there)

  7. I paw up for you, still can have nap on that chair !
    Me, I guess I will do nap underneath the chair behind the towel..I need full on protection !!!

  8. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Yoo are doing the right thing! Yoo must protect yoor flipities!


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