Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Note from That Woman

A Special Thank You to all our furriends & their humans who sent purrrrs & hugs & get well fishes! You guys and gals are the BEST!

Ms. Stella is home tonight resting.
She will tell her side of the story soon.
She has endured many tests.
We were there 2 hours.
She had yaked up something that was mucousy and really bloody & smelled terrible. I was very worried as you can imagine.
After all the tests, the vet said SHE'S FINE. All her bloods are fine; pee is clear, poop shows no bugs. He said she was in amazing shape for being 15 and aside from being a bit under weight (at 8 lbs) she's as fit as a fiddle.
So what the heck?
Maybe something she ate just didn't agree with her.

I'm so relieved. So very relieved and feel so much better knowing that she's also now had her 'old girl' check up too and that's a very good thing to have out of the way. (because I worry over that each year as well)

I can't help but add, it's just like Ms. Stella to freak me out so badly and cost me over 300 bucks to be told she's the healthiest cat around.
Cod I love her!

Added to the stress was trying to find her vet! I had to google her Dr. I called to get her in today & when his name wasn't on the voice mail I was like, what? Stella doesn't like just anyone. It's really important that your cat like your vet especially when you say things like 'anal expression'. He had left the office he worked in when we first met him (I'm so thankful for that actually but won't go into that.) I found him a mile down the road in a bright new lovely clean office with three resident cats, a burly white odd-eyed totally deaf male named Lucky, A giant ginger cross eyed boy named Forrest (Gump) and a darling all black kitten named Milagros (miracle) they call Mila. She's up for adoption. And while you can't wander to 'the back rooms' without a staff person you are free to wander the clinic where the staff are working, etc. ask questions, chat and pet the kitties. The vet techs are AWESOME! So friendly, happy and helpful! (A real change from where he was)
It's a fabulous new place for him and I'm so happy it's his. He was working in partners with three other vets at the last place and they all share the limited staff.

They do all the bloods, pees & poop tests right there.

And there's even a huge grassed, fenced area off the parking lot with chairs & such for recovering goggies to excersize their broked but fixed parts. We thought that really thoughtful of them! Dr. Horn (Stellie's Dr.) specializes in the orthoscopic stuff they use in goggies hips & such. Pawsome!

Whew! I'm wiped. Gonna put my feet up and have some dinner.
Thank you again everyone!

It means so much to us!


  1. Well, THANK COD Stella is 100% FINE.
    Mommy wonders if she ATE something bloody and gross and decided it *just* wasn't to her liking? We've regurged lizzerds and such that were gag-a-maggot smelling and GROSS; and that's according to our Mommy, who cuts open dead things and goes "oooooh!"

  2. Whew! Thank Cod we didn't efun know! We are so relieved to hear Miss Stella is fit as a fiddle. Sorry your Mom is about to succumb to a fit of vapors. Purrs and headbutts.

  3. We're so glad Ms. Stella is healthy and going to be just fine! It's good her vet has such a nice place too! We hope both of you rests well tonight!

  4. Us kitties are purringly happy that you are fit as a Stradivarius, Stella!

  5. Anonymous9:30 PM

    We are so happy to hear this good news. Hope you both are getting some good rest now. That new office sounds amazing. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. OMC! I skip reading one day and all hell breaks loose! To tell you the truth, it's really a relief to have read the end of the story before the beginning!!!

    I wonder if she mighta killed something all dead and then eated it and it just popped right on out again???

    I can't wait to read her story!

  7. Whew !!! Such a relieve ! and Miss Stella is cool !!!
    But I wonder what the doctor said about the bloody thing ? Mom would freak out too, if that happen to me.
    Thanks for updating, you put my smile back : )

  8. Oh Ms. Stella, you get some good rest now, okay? Going to the vet's is very skerry!

  9. Oh, thanks goodness she's fine. Whew. Yes, I know all about panicking and charging hundreds of dollars for "nothing" -- other than peace of mind, which is priceless. :-)

    Your vet clinic sounds amazing! Mine sure isn't like that at all.

    -Mom Kim

  10. geesh! very strange,especially because blood in contact with acid from your stomach isn't red-right?
    maybe something in her throat or teeth?
    I guess the best thing is to watch "attitude and appetite"

  11. Oh! Oh! Oh! We is doing the happy dance and uncrossing our fingers! Thanking Baast that Miss Stella is A-OK! We will still send some kisses to both yous and Miss Stella

  12. YAY! We are so so very happy to hear this news! :-D

  13. As Mom to an almost 15 year old girl I adore I totally get it. Hugs

  14. Okay...we're a little behind. We didn't know Miss Stella was feeling under the weather. But we're glad she's doing better now!!

  15. Honey, I didn't know. It didn't show in my blogs to read. :-(((


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