Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caturday Naps

'That Woman' here.  While I'm working on getting my commissions done I noticed these two kitties being extra adorable in their favorite nap spots. 

First one side gets warm...

Ms. Stella is looking particularly fine in her repose.  In this shot you can see bits of everything I'm working on... Baby quilt is on the bottom; she's lying on my next art quilt thats' rolled up so no furrs can be on it; and there's the CatNip quilt fabrics in the corner.  I know why it's so hard to get things worked on now.

Then the other

And then my desert queen Ms. Jenga in her tower enjoying the lovely sun on all over her back.  Ahhhhhhhh

I can't believe she can roll up her giant long body this small!

*MIA*  Miss Jack is sleeping in her cave (where no pictures are allowed)  Miss Scraps is on Ms. Stella's Woobie & since I don't want her to get herself a butt whoopin' I'm not posting evidence. 

Hope everyone is finding their favorite nap spot today in spite of whatever weather you're having.



  1. They couldn't be any more adorable if they tried :)
    We are especially taken with the backside so elegantly draped over the perch ;)
    Oh yes, we are all so agile, n'est paw?

  2. Sweetness personified!


  3. I am so in love with them all. I know I speak of Ms Stella but then, she speaks to me, MOL. I am so grateful she road tested my quilt. I love it every day!!

  4. Well, to be fair, Ms. Jenga IS hanging over just a bit, MOL!


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