Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sneaky Peek

YAY! Ms. Admiral received her Catnip Quilt & birdz & by the looks of things is quite happy with both! 

I luff her flooffy tail!

I heard the birdz got way bunnie kicked! xoxo

We received another order for two quilts and two birdz from Lucious Lucy! & Her Sam.  (Sam is Lucy's Boi Toy)  After I got fabric to match their moms decor; Ms. Stella cracked her tail at me to get busy!  She takes her work so seriously these days!  Here she is snoopervising while I sew

One is complete; the other I will finish tonight along with two Catnip birdz.  Here is a sneak peek at the finished one while Ms. Stella is 'road testing' it for me them. 
I love this picture of her!  (left side)  
(right side) so far so good....


She works so hard I let her nap; her fave place is on the ironing board

I do refer to her as 'Mrs. Big Head' not because she's particularly vain (well, other than what goes along with being a cat) but because her head is so much larger than her body! It's truly all furz though.  When I pet her and lay it all down with my hand it's pretty funny.  I'm not allowed to show that picture though. :)


  1. OHHHHHH LOOK! We are jumping up and down for JOY! Stella knows, oh yes she does :D
    You should be here. We are shoving each other out of the way to get closer to our first quilt. I said, "Look, Sam, what does it say?" And he said, "Awww, Luce, you know what it says, and it's all true". But then he added, to break the mood (you know how MenCats are), "I'm going to grab BOTH birdies and bunny kick them from here to kingdom come! Just you wait!" Sheesh, it's always a guy thing, isn't it ;)

  2. Awww Lucy it won't be long until you have a gorgeous quilt just like Miss Admiral!
    That one that Miss Admiral got is so beautiful Miss Stella, and you are doing wonderful QC on it!


  3. I the the Admiral loving hers!!! I'd say that is one happy kitty!

  4. That is a beautiful beautiful quilt for Sam and Lucy and how romantic. I LOVE it. My mommy has another friend with whom I had a day shopping today, and I showed her my new quilt and she fell in love and wants one for her black and white boy. I also told several folks in my personal blog and FB where I got my quilt. I hope many other kitties get road tested by Ms O'Houligan quilts. I am very happy with mine.


  5. Greetings,

    What a beautiful quilt.
    We just came from another blog where someone else received a quilt and now I want my own. I will have to have a long and stern talk with dad.

    Wishing you all the very best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  6. That is such a pretty quilt that you made for the Admiral. It sure looks like she is enjoying it.
    Ms.Stella, you make such a good snoooperivser. You do keep that Mom working and make a great tester. We know it is purrfect after you get through testing. Take care and have a super week end.


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