Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miss Jenga Update

Good MORNING Kittehs!

Ms. Stella is really torked.  She's mad because That Woman cut her computer privilidges off yesterday after She came home and found Ms. Stella had been hogging sitting at the computer all day staring at her Mancat Boi Toy Mr. Disco.  Honestly, it was like none of US even existed!  Miss Jack was yellin' cos she wanted to visit some of her Tuxie buddies:  Mr. Puddy! who has returned after long last!! and Ms. Abby and of course the Lucious Lucy!  And we mustn't forget visting our beloved Ms. Admiral daily to see how she's feelin!  

Ms. HottiePants had other ideas.  I must whisper into That Woman's ear that she really should turn the blasted thing off when she leaves for the day.  The que in the googlie reader is a bit much; with over 200 sites and they are not in alphabetical order; but grouped by interest and trust me; the CatBlogs take up more than half!  Given that the Furrydance site was one of the first sites we started following they are on top and since that is where Mr. D lives you can guess how far down we get if there's photos of him doing anything!  It's really quite intolerable. 

as most of us have no thumbs; we can't clack the keys properly. ( Which as all the CB'ers out ther know is why there humans come in so handy!) Ms. Stella was in a stupor and drooling all over the damn things with the symbols I : L : U : V : & D especially soaked. It was really quite unrefined for a Ladycat of a certain age to be acting that way.  When That Woman  left this morning she said I could give Her an update to post if I liked.  I told her I was a bit indisposed at that moment...

After I finished I handed her my update. 

I wanted to thank ALL of you who sent loving purrrs my way when I was having difficulty with my poor tail.  It apears that I have been attacked by a vampire but I can assure you that is not the case!  The tie thing has been removed & I haven't had to wear that ridiculous cone for quite sometime owing to the fact that I am a Lady. 

My tail furs are growing back but it is itchy.  She is very good about coming in and taking her claws (that aren't nearly as sharp as mine) and gently scratching around my owie.  It makes me purrrrr really loud and I sit there quite still and fall asleep.  Over all; she's not a bad servant.  I would never tell Her so of course, We mustn't those comments slip or they might get ideas above their station.  We all know how very difficult it is to rule with love when you must always show the other side of the paddle! 

I'm back to finding some sun puddles given our rain has stopped for the day. 

Hope all the kitteh's are taking care of each other and we too send out extra love for Ms. Annie's loved ones who are going through that heartbreaking transition of facing each day without her. 

Miss Jengs


  1. I sure am glad you tail fur is doing some better! Yes, we are very sad about our sweet friend Annie

  2. Oh....Disco is beside himself knowing Ms Houligan is drooling over him (he was kinda miffed at first since he thought maybe she didn't notice the pix of him on the kitten post...then he got an email from The Woman and he got all puffed up with purride!

  3. SO happy you have disposed of the 'cone of shame' :)

  4. heh heh...Kitties in LUUURVE!!
    um, yes, we DO know the feeling.

    Miss Jenga, we are thrilled your localized vampirism attack is healing up and you have such a nice servunt to gently scritch your itchies. You should gently poot your thanks, it's only fair to reciprocate the love.

  5. We're glad you're healing up Miss Jenga and that the servunt is earning her keep by scratching your itchy tail! Enjoy those sunpuddles!

  6. Miss Jenga, we is THRILLED you is better! ♥
    WHEW! That was awful for awhile there! xoxoxox

  7. Miss Jenga, mommy messed up again and came here before logging out of somewhere else but I STILL say I am so glad you are better and that the cone of shame has retired till another day on some other kitteh somewhere in time.

    Ms Stella, I know how it is. I have a crush on somebuddy too.

  8. Miss Jack, No worry..I'm here : ) Thank you so much for checked me so often while I was away ! Mom is o.k. now : )

    And Miss Jenga, I'm sorry I didn't know about your tail but seems your woman look after you so well : )

    Ms Stella, I would love to hear more about your LUV..heh..heh


  9. Glad you have your own personal tail scratcher, Miss Jenga.
    Stacy - I don't know anyone in your area that cat-sits but I would recommend that you speak to your veterinarian and see if anyone has registered with them as the local cat-sitter. Perhaps your local pet stores would know of someone and they may even have their business cards. First and foremost, you must have them come to your home to meet you and your cats before they cat-sit for you. Ask for references and do check them out. After spending some time with them you will know if you are comfortable using them to cat-sit in your home. Maybe have her care for your cats over one night just to see how they do with her before going on a long trip. Go with your gut Stacy. I'm sure you will find someone you can trust. Good luck!

  10. Miss Jenga, It **is** really nice of the Human to help you out by scratching your itchy places. I guess if I have to, I must admit that my Human is pretty nice to me too. She can't help it if I am a Complicated ManCat. She does her best. But I stand by my Purrfurmance Review!

  11. Anonymous6:10 AM

    We are very glad yoor furs are growing back!


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