Friday, February 04, 2011

7 Things About The Gurl!

1. I enjoy spending too much time on the computer
2.  Annoying my mother is a hobby
3.  I get jealous of other artists, quite easily

4.  Sometimes I quit before I start
5.  I sing to music all the time

6.  I  like to eat
7.  I'm terribly indecisive


  1. that photo infront of the computer made me laugh :D

  2. Sounds like a beloved daughter to me. :-)

    (I wonder what that is on the computer)

  3. Sam said, "Hey, Lucy! Come here and look at this! Isn't that the game that Mom plays and we swat on the computer?" Hmmm, Sam might be right. We LURVE that game and we're positive the ball that flies around is really in the back of the monitor. It just gets away before we can catch it.
    We think The Gurl is mighty fine and she doesn't need to be jealous of anything. Why just look at those eyes, and that hair is so sublime that we just want to curl up in it. She is PURFECT!

  4. A kitty planted right in front of the screen - that looks familiar! Now that I'm using a laptop, I quite often have to try to figure out the series of keys little miss Zoe has stepped on so I can set it back to normal. The Gurl is quite beautiful and obviously talented - you must be very proud :)

  5. Like Mother like must be so proud Miss Stacy!


  6. That photo of the computer is very cute! The Gurl is beautiful inside and out just like That Woman!


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