Thursday, February 03, 2011

7 Things About Miss Stella!

Miss Stella O'Houligan

Miss Stella was named by The Gurl when they were both tiny.  The Gurl was 3 (she'll be 18 in March!) and we had received these two tiny kittens from our old Vet.  The Gurl had a favorite book by Janell Canon called Stella Luna (about a fruit bat) and The Gurl said this wee kitten looked like the character in the book.  She became Ms. Stella O'Houligan when I mentioned to a friend how she was such a houligan some times & she coined the phrase Stella O'Houligan.  Thank you Lynn!

You can really see her 'frootbats' when she was tiny.  I love this picture of her.

1.      I growl at fireworks (and pace & get into Her lap!)
2.      I used to growl at the milkman when got milk delivered

3.      I head bonk the table legs so hard I knock beverages over and concuss my own self
4.      I don’t mind manicures but stay away from the pedicures thank you

5.      I repeatedly harass Scrappy until her widdles or barfs 

6.      I don’t like human food except for bacon or boiled chicken

7.      One of my favorite things to do is claw open the linen cupboard (or the thing with all Her fabrics in it) to get in and sleep inside. 

bonus fact:
I sometimes go outside & bring boycats home who sing to me.  Some of them are really cute! This year a orange and white male has come.  He makes sure to stay away from anyone but She finally snuck the camera around the curtain and got these two shots before he high tailed it outta there!  He's really scruffie and obviously feral. We wish Missy Teri was here to help us snag him & get him fixed & cleaned up. 

Me & The Gurl


  1. It was very nice to learn more about you! I like places where linens are stored too!!!

  2. Oh Ms love of a feline! You are what femininity is all about. But please don't harass sweet Scrappy any more. Be her friend. Her needs one.

  3. Miss Stella, you sound like a handful! I headbonk people so hard that I give us both concussions! My mom has to warn visitors when she sees me approaching so they can prepare for it.

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  4. Why Miss Stella, you are a dream girl of loveliness! We can see why the boycats come catterwauling for you; Sam says he would do that in a heartbeat to get your love. Now be sweet to Scrappy 'cause he's never said a bad word about you and wants to be gentle and cuddle.

  5. Miss Stella
    You were adorable as a kitten and now you are majestic as a full grown lady cat.
    It was so nice to learn more things about you.


  6. Zaphoid says, "Oy vey!! There are not many Toms around here but there is at least one Queen who yells and yells and drives us ca-ray-zee!! She keeps coming to our house but we're all Tims, well, except for our newest member Audrey who is a Princess. I'm not sure what she wants but she's awful insistent about it!! I wouldn't mind you singing, you're beautiful!! You also like game boxes as much as I do!"

  7. Missie Stella, you were really cute and sweet as a kit-ten. I hope you can have some good days with Missie Scrappykins. She is sorta nice, huh?
    your frootbats are superb!!

    and keep bonking!!

  8. Greetings Ms Stella,

    We particular love the last picture and find it very dear. Though we love being close to our humans, do be careful when you hold a cat to the face and do not let them see you mouth. Just playing it safe.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  9. Miss Stella, I been silly for a long long time ! I think you are a human !!!
    Thanks for this post !!! Now all clear !!! you are a gorgeous feline : ) and really nice to meet you : )


    PS : Sorry I'm very late for this post


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