Monday, February 21, 2011

A Note From The President

Yes of course I know it's a Holiday (for some)
That Woman had to work
I'm happy, that leaves me time to hang out in the sun uninterrupted.

You know; that would be a cool name for a new blog
'Cat. Interrupted.'
given that the slaves are always finding new ways to interrupt what could be the perfectly tranquil existence of Us.

 They use flashy things
Noisy, giant sucky things
Wrinkly treat bag sounding things
They have the nerve to open cans with a can opener
when the can is not even tuna!
They repeatedly need to touch our furrs just when we've had them cleaned!
They make irritating smackie noises with their mouths on our heads
I mean seriously; do they think we enjoy that?

Think about this humans; 
You EAT with that thing, you put food in and masticate it till you swallow; 
then you come at us when we are sleeping and drowsy (predators we are) with that giant PIEHOLE and start making EATING noises on our heads!  Then you have the nerve to sit mystified and hurt then when we get up and move. 
Why do we move? 
  Because we are happy to escape with our lives from you Zombies trying to suck out our brains that's why!

Honestly, it's not too hard to figure this out!
So ya; I'm glad She's gone for the day
She is a slave & shouldn't be having all these day's off anyhow.

Ahhhhhh... sun on the underparts...


  1. I love the "Cat Interruped" too, that covers a lot of turf!

  2. Such excellent points you make. Humans are depraved.

  3. Oh no! They think I'm going to suck their brains out? Where DOES a cat like to be kissed? Oh, and Stella...Disco said he Lurves your nude sunbathing shot!

    Hahameow--our word verification was Codwaro--that's a suspicious fish!

  4. MOL TerI!

    Codwaro works for the C.I.A. (Codfish International Assasins) We MUST remain alert for any and all things that smell



    (with the notable exception of Mr. Puddy who said she has a smell of Gourmet Salmon)


    Ms. Stella is in Heaven thinking HM saw her in the nuuudee...

  5. Good thinking on grabbing that blog name!

  6. LOL; My daughter had the nerve to laff at me for doin that!

  7. I laughed till I hurt myself. NOW mommy knows why I abhor that kissie thang going on atop my beautiful satiny head!!

  8. AND they plot to put you into the STEW POT!!!


  9. Sheeb; Ms. Stella loves to threaten Scraps that she will take her to a certain part of town & sell her




  10. Dear Missie Stella, you made Miles faint. He has never seen girl underpants before.
    also: our mom is always touching us, or bossing us around. She is very overbearing and meddlesome.
    Miles and I love to race and wrestle, and mom is always saying in her sing song voice "be gentle boys"
    Mom is always sucking on our heads too and she nibbles on our frootbat ears

    bonks and bronks

  11. Beautifully explained, Dear One! NOW maybe the Human will understand why I cringe away and squirm when she tries to make goopy kissie things on my HEAD for heaven's sake! My HEAD! Where I keep my enormous brain under my perfectly satiny black furs! Ick ick ick ick!

  12. @Spitty; once again you made me MOL! YES; your enormous brain indeed! So TRUE.

    @Miles; Sorry; maybe should have the useless biped put a parental warning next time.

    truly kittehs' no wonder we don't let them NEAR our soft vulernable bellehs!


  13. Ha..Ha..Ha...This is too funny !!!
    and I really like the name of the blog...COOL !!!


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