Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Fostering a family

Momcat came with 7 kits. She had contracted a URI from the shelter. Within days the kits had it too. Within a week six kits were list leaving a lone survivor. The tuxie (now named Harry - the boy who lived)

Some days later two more kits ( the white one is Angel and is a tripod. Her brofur is a gentle giant and we call him Tank) were up needing a foster. They had just been taken in and so weren't sick. They were near to Harry's age and nearly weaned.  I agreed to take them in and hoped Momcat wouldn't reject them.

She brought tears of joy to my eyes when she accepted them and (very occasionally ) alloweds all three to suckle for comfort. They are all now eating on their own. I had been supplementing KMR for all three.

Mom immediately went back into heat so I took her in for her spay Tuesday.

All are happy, bouncy kittens now and momcat is much relieved of her hormones. 

Soon the kits will be ready for their spay/neuter then onto the adoption roller-coaster. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Where the hello kitten have we been?

I'm fostering again. 
This little tyke had 6 sibs that unfortunately didn't make it.  His mom & he are doing fine now however and he's just begun to find his feets.
 (what is more adorable than the bouncies??) 2nd video is bouncie

Since he's singleton, I've (lost my everloving mind) decided to take two other kittens about his age. One is a tripod.  I hope momma cat accepts them so they can all play & socialize together. 
They arrive tonight around 9:30.  Paws crossed they are otherwise healthy and will get along.

I've also been busy creating some dresses for our beloved friend Miss Coco! Another post soon showing the 'new fall line' MOL

p.s. we do spend a lot of time micro-blogging on Facebook so if you are on Facebook and we aren't friends yet; I'm Stacy Hurt! In Orange, CA 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Miss Jada!

Here is Mistys sister!

Miss Jada loves our BirdTV channel!

she's so plushie!

mui bonita gato!