Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Ode to Ms. Stella

Sun on my fur
scents on the air
Birds chirp, wheel and zip!
Leaves crackle and blow

I am instinct and action
 blood and bone

no quarter given
the thrill of chase
capture and consume

I am lithe, elegant and graceful

 Quirky, goofy and ridiculous

the crook of my tail
the tilt of my head
the swiveling of my ears


My coat is invisible
my eyes disappear 


I am all 
and I am none
but I was briefly

Ms. Stella O'Houligan 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lucky 13!

Ollie: "I win the interwebs!!! I entered Miss Nellies 'finish the sentence' game (so what if I entered every single time?) and I was THE CHOSEN ONE!"

Miss Jack: "Oh Cod, the'll be no livin with him now!"

Miss Scraps:  "What? Seriously?  Like there was livin with him before?"

Ollie: "That's right ladies and this here certificat says you gotta know now that I AM the King of alla you!  And I gots this way coolio crown too!"  
        *looks at mom* "is it still on my head? it's on my head right?" 

Mom: "Yes Ol it's on your head ya big Ornj goof. But I don't think it gives you license to be mean or lord it over the girls." 

Ollie: "They just gotta be nice to be now no matter how much lice I got, or whatever.  And I'm a Viceroy too; King Spitty says so.  Now I just need a Lord to waive over them. Must be some kinda stick or something.Wonder if I can get that on amazon?  

Thanks Miss Nellie! If you was here I'd kiss you!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hi! I'm Zack!

I yousta live wif That Woman's mom.  But hers got really sick. And even tho I visited hers in the weird smellin place, she didn't get better and didn't come home.

Its ok tho on accounta I know my VERY LOUD PURRS was all vibratin on her and she feeld 'em. She's livin wif Ms Stella now.  That Woman says theres two old cantankerous broads rasin 'you know what' cept I dont really know what on accounta I dont like rasins.

So then there was a looong dark and kinda scardey ride (it's ok-I meowed to That Woman so she wouldn't be scared and she singed to me in the car) and then I was here.

You can sees I'm not myself even layin on That Woman's pillow an all. Like right next to her there. On her pillow...and I'm a kinda droolie since I don't gots one of my fangs. I ain't let her see which one tho! Heeehehe.

So wees gettin to know each other and in betweens we cry together and her brushies me reall good too! I only yacked a little bit when I first was here last night cos I was so nervous wif all the other cat smells in this room. I even can see some cats under the door and I hissey faced 'em so they know I'm not a big baby.

Imma full breeded rag doll and imma BIGBOY! like 18 poundes. Whatever that means. That Woman says I gotta cut back on treats alla time.  But not just yet. She says we iz both stress eating but I dunno what that is either cuz I never tasted a stress and I think I would remember eatin a bunch of somfin like dat.  Or maybe not.

So I lives here now and I reeeealy hopes I can be friends wif the other kitties and we can all share the bed together pretty soons.  But not the same pillow.