Thursday, February 24, 2011

Un Ashamed

Ms. Jenga here

let's me tell you about my favorite part of the day...


When it's time for that woman to be home; I KNOW when she's coming.  I start yowling my loudest (so she can hear me a couplea blocks away) I'll bet you kitteh's all ready knew that we can tell our slave's cars by their individual sounds from a mile away at least!  Anyhow; The Rat That Gurl was home from school one time & she told on me.  The Tattletail The Gurl was in the big room where the noisy box is.  When That Woman is not home I can't be in there or I will remind the other three plebeians who the real boss is.


When That Woman comes in the door; my yowling has increased to a fever pitch (someday she will figure out how to do a video of this and post it so's anykitty can hear) I am SO insistent that she drops her purse at the table; opens the cat food holder, scoops out my dinner rations and comes straight in to my room to feed ME.  NEVER MIND that the other three are each sitting very quietly and politely next to their respective dishes on the floor (which She has said is truly adorable to see).  I AM FIRST.       ME.      FIRST.

So... when she comes in know what I do?   know what?  know what???

 I will run over to my dish meyowling; as soon as she stoops down to put the food in; I immediately put my head in the dish so she can't putz the food there.  MOL!!!  Get's her every time!  Sometimes if she's quick she will try to grab the dish first; I just whap the wretched thing and fling it back down on the carpet and then stick my head in.  It's not eben plastic!  I'm a good whapper!  

So then , when I've had enough, finally let her put the food in the dish & place it down for me.  But, our fun isn't over yet!  I will bury my head down and act as if I'm eating... I might even crunch one or two... but my eyes is watchin' her outta their corners... if I look up too fast the kibbles just drops on that carpets... I see then just in time she is leaving to feed the others. 

Once that door closes can you guess what I do next?? 

Can ya?  Yup!!  You guessed it!!

I Start yowling again right at the door crack (where it sounds the loudest) to beat the band!  Loud & long & sometimes I can't even conceal my contempt and She swears She can hear the sarcasm in my music!  I tell her it's just that I feel it necessary to alert the authorities of this brutal, cruel treamtent! 

It's so pawsome I laffs my self silly.  She's in the kitchen feedin the others & I'm screamin up a storm.  She has to come right back in so I will eat.  She tries to get outta her 'workin' clothes and into her 'walkin' clothes (why the heck do humans need to change their furrs alla timez?  They is so weird!) but I have plan for dat too.  I takes one of her walkin' shoes and I hides it in da closet.  See, sometimes when I'm mad at Her; I'll hide in dere.  Dere's a box wif something she calls her 'skinny clothes' and I lay all over dem.  I don't think she'll be gettin' dat box out again any time soons, especially since I'm so good at hidin her shoe! *MOL* 

See what it's all about yet?

She says I'm 'High Maintenance' but I know the truth

I don't wantz to eat all by myselfs

So wait for her, no matter how hungry I am

I sit and yowl and wait till she comes back in MY room (if She is going to be really late; The Gurl feeds me BUT I don't eats it; I still yowl and wait)  It's way funnee when she thinks The Gurl didn't feed me; she gets all crabulated at her and I laffs den too cos they are arguin till they get all quiet & then I hear That Woman say 'JeeeeennnngggaaAAAA!" 

but only when she comes in and sits with me will I eat.

I do this to her




it's how I show her how much I needz her

and the fact that she moves rather quickly to come back in to be with me; tells me a thing about her too


Dat's how we roll


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Oh, Jenga you two are rolling very well...keep up the good work. We love all you do to get what you want. Our doggie Chancy won't eat unless Mumsy is in the room wiff him so you two know the same process and do well gettin' those women of the house to do what you want. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Oh, my....

    You know, our mom fantasizes about eventually adopting two girls to keep us boys company, in beloved Annie's earthly absence, but reading this has made her cringe for some reason and think that we boys are enough for her to handle.

    We don't have a clue why she would think that!

    -Nicki and Derry @ Fuzzy Tales

  3. You got it, purrsistence is the key! Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Our Mommy is laughing so hard. You gots your person well trained! You simply must tell uSSSSS how you did that so well! Our Mommy is trained, but not as good as yours!!! Also, your Mommy has BEAUTIFUL hairs!!!

    Your posts are just the best. Thanks for visiting uSSSSS!!!

  5. Jenga, you are the master at training That Woman! We always enjoy your stories and we learn a lot too!

  6. Miss Jenga, we are in awe! You have your mom trained Real Good!! I scream real loud, too, but it's only so my mom will see that I brought my mousies upstairs.

    Miss Stacy, I got my blanket today, and it's pawsome! The bird rocks, too! I'm making our mom post about it tomorrow. Fuzzy was already in bed by the time my mom opened the package, so I declare it to be MINE!!!

    Luv, Zoe

  7. Jenga! You really IS high-maintenance! Me, too. Sometimes I drives the Human crazy by refusing to eat the foodz she puts in front of me. So then she gets all worried and freaked out and she runs to get me something else, and sometimes I refuse to eat THAT either, so I make her fix me a third plate! Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm kind of a skinny boy (NOTHING like the Human who doesn't even OWN her skinny clothes anymore--not they were even all that skinny!) so she worries when I don't eat right away.

    Poor Humans. They really suffer at our paws, don't they!


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